Majestic Prince

so what do you think of it
to me It has many relate able things to Seed

gave it a shot and I enjoyed it!
Yeah, it reminds me of seed, but I really dont mind! These characters are likable! And the mechs are VERY COOL. They remind me of Valvrave…which reminds me of seed…M y god, these two are like opposites but they relate to SEED.
Valvrave: Begins like SEED. Neutral colony and protagonist pilots the robot to fend off the enemies.
Majestic Prince: Begins like SEED Destiny. Protagonist is already a pilot.
Valvrave: Neo Genesis Evangelion creep value.
Majestic Prince: Light hearted and uplifting!
Valvrave and Majestic Prince: The Protagonist(s) saved everyone once they first piloted their mech(s) and there for they are already famous. People discussed about them on the internet and they were smash hits. On top of that, they were huge losers. Haruto and the MJPs have a natural uplink with their mechs. One does not simply pilot their mechs by pushing buttons, both need to have some sort of mental link with the mechs. HUGE BOOB LADIES. And thats all I can think of.
To me, these shows are both good, but they are similar to each other with opposite parallels.
Oh yeah, both of the leading mechs are red. Go figure.

Im starting to notice that the Mecha designs animation wise are CG while the Characters are 2D and i have to say its pretty cool…hopefully that means no more of mechas biggest problem: Recycled animation (looks over at SEED Destiny…)

Another thing, compared to Valvrave this has more fluid animation.

I actually knew who was fighting what despite the action was all over the place. Valvrave’s CGi fighting animation gave some strange disorientation that I never felt in a while. But I kept up with how unique the Valvrave fights.
The Units in Team Rabbits…((I Love their name. It’s adorable)) are nice! It would be like if we followed the Red Coats in SEED instead of the Arch Angel crew. The team needs to work together in order to accomplish their goals. And I like this idea.
Is it strange that the theme songs seem a bit ironic?
Majestic Prince’s opening sounds calm and creepy in the beginning and ending. Yet the tone of the anime seems light hearted and can be uplifting.
Valvrave’s opening is more fast pace and heart pounding. Yet the anime’s tone seems creepy and dark.

Irony abounds…And is it just me or is the Girl with white hair (and this is a gut feeling) have the same hair color as the dude in the mech that snook up on our heroes in Majestic Prince. I got 500 Beast Points saying that the girl who is supporting the MPJs and the Dude in the enemy mech are Siblings (I smell a CHAR CLONE!)

I did too! The commander with the visor/mask is our char clone! But he is the commander of our heros so maybe not.
And you MAY have an idea there, Keinco. Oh yeah.


I think Simon Gato (I S*** YOU NOT THATS HIS LAST NAME!) is more of a Quatro Bajeena than a Char, but then again, theyre one and the same…lol


I found my new Signature.

I think its save to say after Ep 2 of Valvrave, Majestic Prince is my favorite out of the Two new Mech animes.

I like both! They have this charm that i cant resist. Yeah, episode 2 of valvrave had two things that pissed me off, hut there are more postives than negatives.
Epiosde 3 of Majestic Prince feels kind of depressing and humorous at the same time.
The sign when Izaru got chucked into the zero gravity swimming pool( which reminds me of FFX blitz ball arena.) They spelled zero as Zeo.
And that white haired girl…I swear I found the Lacus Clone.
And the character designs…am I the only one who likes them?
I feel like the robots team rabbits use have thier powers connected to the pilots’ emotional state. They were so stressed out, piloting sounds like a bad idea. That is why they went on vacation.
As for the depressing parts, their vacation sucked. :3
Izaru is my favorite. He is AWARE of Heros’ tropes and modos.
When a Hero fails, 80% of them go train!
So true!
Yet he is still positive when the going gets tough. I like him!

This Show is gonna be awesome.

Episode 4!
So far this is my favorite episode.
Izaru just made the level of bad ass.
Kei<3Izaru is my otp for this show…except I am pretty sure Izaru and that Lacus Clyne Clone will be the main couple.
Silver haired Lacus Clyne clone made a comment about war…Like Lacus Clyne. (I am starting to hate her.)
Rin and Big Boobs are close child hood friends.
RIN RIN!!! :smiley:
Major back story on our characters. They have no childhood memories. Thats actaully kind of sad.
Ataru’s comment about dreams of him being young touched my heart. I Like Ataru! No matter how depressing things can get, he still has a smile on his face.
Tamaki’s reason to live is to score a date. Why doesnt she go out with Ataru will forever be a mystery. They seem perfect for each other.
Who ever that asshole commander is, I want to rip his head off.
So far, I love this episode! It gives good character development and gives us some closure on the kids’ back story as pilots.

There are two things I REALLY like about this show.
The characters are really likable.
And the Mechs are pretty nice too!

What I just like about this show
The humor…Especially that one scene where Izaru and Toshikazu…STUDIED…the contents of that video to get BETTER TRAINING.
Tamaki may seem like a Faux Action girl at first, but she is still an important member of team rabbits. Her reaction to the “Training” is hilarious too.
Getting small hints that Kei has a crush on Izaru…
Team Dobberman are actually likable too!

Overall, a very good episode!

After a crap ton more episodes, I still like this show.
Here is what we do know.
Izaru and the white haired Lacus Clyne Clone(Teoria) knew each other before.
Jiato=White Haired Rau Le Creuset clone is a rapist ass hole who enjoys fighting Izaru.
Kie developed a crush on Izaru, but if I learn anything from SEED, the Clyne Clone always wins the love triangle. But I personally prefer Kie over the Clyne clone to be with Izaru.
They are getting better. Rose 3 is my favorite Mech. It looks more unique than the other suits, but Gold 4 is pretty cool too!
Tamaki=Brock with tits
Toshikazu=Jesus Yamato with a back bone and a weak stomach. Still my favorite character.
This show still has it’s funny moments too! I can’t wait for some more!

So people just stopped watching? After Ange showed up the series has more or less took off if you ask me.

Can you elaborate more on how it took off?

I’m neutral on Ange’s character, but I love the Black-6.
Another form of beam spamming done right.

Oh no! I keep watching it! I LOVE it!
Ange is a guy, I am calling it now.

Because they watched porn together? LOL

I’ve been watching this series because I like to give almost all giant robot series a shot, MJP was slow…like…REALLY SLOW pretty much until around episode 15 which is when Ange shows up, the episode pacing is pretty spot on from that point on, and I don’t think i’ll attribute that to her?/his? being there but rather an acceleration toward the end of the series, which is kind of what the first few episodes were lacking. Plus a lot more explanation has been put out since episode 15 as well. Also just to throw this out there, I don’t know who did the character designs but I have a feeling that person was involved in the designs for SEED and SEED Destiny as well. Teoria = Lacus
And speaking of Teoria, I hope she dies and stops getting in the way of the real romance in this show, Kie and Izuru, Kie deserves to have him and Teoria deserves to GTFO of Kie’s way!