Magical Robot Genre

What happens when you have a real robot doing ludicrous things…Yet have a MAGICAL reasons on how they operate and function?
Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the “Magical Robot genre”

Well maybe that’s true, but after watching Aquarion and Zegapain, I think there are more points to make than meets the eyes.

Here is what I can sum up about Super Robot Genre.

*Lots of screaming over the top characters.
*Mechs can regenerate. This breaks a MASSIVE law.
*Mechs are powered by the “Soul” and “Emotions.” Spiral Power is one of those examples. ((Unlimited energy))

Real Robot Genre sums up:

*Less screaming.
*More Angsty characters.
*Lots of science make up these beam sabers.
*No breaking the laws of physics, sorry Kira, you made SEED Destiny into a super Robot. genre.
*What powers to mechs are some time of fuel that is limited.

Magical Robot Genre:

*Hammy AND Angsty characters.
*War, perhaps holy and through ideals.
*Science is powered by MAGIC. However, Like Magic Points in RPGS, this is limited.
*Less Beam weaponry, but can be accomplished by Light type magic.
*The setting must be slightly archaic despite mechs are walking around.

Then again, I might be just imagining things. Even Valvrave seems to be leaning towards Magical Robot due to…Ahem!
The Valvraves are powered by runes, a property that seems to come from Memories and…not sure how that works, but this potential isn’t from the soul or emotions! Meaning this source of power is limited.

Anyway, maybe I am just missing the point. What do you all think about a possible Magical Robot Genre?

It might be brilliant, for those of us that don’t have anything against NOT real robots, because I know some people get put off by the fact that robots have unnatural means of operations.

Does Raideen the Brave fall into this category?

I’m not what that is. Let me look it up first.

…Hm…It depends! What powers Raideen? How does it fight? What is the setting?

I think Aura Battler Dunbine might qualify. It’s setting is in a archaic world where the swords & shields, and bows & arrows are primary weapons for normal characters. Also the mechs look like bugs and are powered by magic.

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Alright then! I guess that can qualify as a Magical Robot Genre style then!

I might need to think about Valvrave some more, as the environment is real robot genre, but how the Robot works is Magical Robot genre.
It’s like G Gundam, how the Gundam’s move are explained so scientifically with the Mobile trace system, but what gives them strength are the Pilot’s fighting spirit and technique. Making it Super Robot Genre.

Aura Battlers (at least in the original Dunbine) aren’t really powered by magic. They are robots built with a combination of silicon valley tech and various animal parts, and controlled by normal real robot controls. The Aura of offworlders can supplement the normal controls in much the same way that the psycommu aids newtype pilots in UC. Dunbine is real robot, barely. Sunrise even had a chart depicting this a few years back.
As far as cosmic era goes, it has its own technology that permits the physics tricks, even if it isn’t always explained or referenced clearly. Is it as grounded as UC? Hell no. But the magic particles in 00 and BF are much more super roboty than anything CE has to offer.


Edit: So that’s how Dunbine works? Who knew, certainly not me.

It’s all explained in the first episode or two of Dunbine.

Wings of Rean (one of several alternative takes on Byston Well by Tomino) on the other hand is much less robot, more giant cyborg bug. Wings of Rean is special…

Well it’s power is kind of super natural, it’s powered by a certain star. It’s attacks are kind of normal, in a super robot sense, I wouldn’t say it’s very magical though.

The setting itself is pretty modern for a show at it’s time. The machine itself was created in ancient times, and it awakens in modern times.
If anything though, Raideen qualifies.
Also, Tomino was one of the directors for this show too, just some trivia.

Panzer World Galient, Escaflowne, and Broken blade fit this category lol

Escaflowne definitely fits a lot more than Dunbine, I haven’t see the other two Kenico mentioned, so I can’t comment on them.

Panzer I haven’t seen (entirely lol) but fellas…if you haven’t seen Broken blade…go see it. its only 6 episodes but their about an hour long each and the mechs are awesome, especially the way theyre controlled. then theres the delphine…oh man lol

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Masoukishin The Lord of Elemental! All of the robots seemed to be powered by supernatural means.

However, it’s a video game series, so I’m not sure if it counts here.

Ragardless. It’s a genre, so it can work in video games.

Isn’t any MS with a psychoframe in the UC universe a “magical robot”? Their abilities certainly seem to appear out of thin air. :wink: