Macbook with Win 8?

Does anyone have a Macbook with Windows 8? And how is it? Is it worth it?

Umm, why would you want Window 8 on a Mac Book? That’s like putting an Intrepid motor into a Lamborghini.

Probably to use computer games with it. The Gundam SD game doesn’t work with Macs. I, too am curious about this subject.

Yeah, I think nobody here will be able to help you with this. I’m still using Windows 7 and have no plans to move to Windows 8 anytime in the next few months. All of the Macbook users I know don’t bother with running Windows on them too.

Personally, unless you have an absolute need for it, it’s best to stick with one or the other. Have a machine strictly for Windows and then have one strictly for OSX.

On the flip side of what Dlinker said. If you have a desktop, you could have 2 separate HDDs. One partitioned for Windows, and one for OSX. During the boot you can switch between which one you want to boot up 1st. So you can choose which OS you want to run and when.

I know that the osx and win8 can run side by side. My friend uses windows 7 on his 2 yr old MacBook pro. I actually favor windows 8 and I like the specs and build quality of MacBook air. That is why.

Well as long as there is no compatibility issues, I’d say Win8 would run like an out of control top on a Mac. Myself personally, I hate Win8. It’s the biggest failure MicroSoft has brought to the table since Vista. But, if you like it go for it. Though Macs are insanely expensive. Have you thought about building a custom machine?

Yes, I have considered a custom. But I need portability more than extreme power. And the air is fairly powerful. and it’s light. So I don’t need to buy a secondary chromebook

Makes sense, I think the next thing I’d do is search around to see how difficult it’d be. I know you can make a Hackintosh rather easily as long as all your hardware is compatible and you know what you’re doing program wise.

Being able to run Win8 and OSX in a Macbook Air just requires software and proper partitioning of the hard drive. Google will be your best friend in learning how to do it.

Gonna use Apple’s boot camp 5 to load win 8 64-bit. The main purpose of the mac is to run Windows and double as my gaming and college laptop. Otherwise I’ll just have to get a chromebook.

I have an imac and I’m using bootcamp to run windows 7 ultimate using osx snow leopard. I can safely say after using this setup for 2+ years I haven’t had any real problems at all. Windows runs very smoothly on bootcamp since the updates to the utility and OSX isnt effected. I love OSX but every now and again it’s impossible to not use Windows ie. Games.

Why would you want to create such a horrifying monster?

Convenience and saving costs? He really wants to use both and this is the best option without spending tons of cash.

Osx is to me a waste. It’s like android vs iOS. I prefer android due to the various builds, companies, products, and UIs. And Google allows a more free dev system including giving some main dev programs to the vast internet with no constraints. Apple is much more conservative in this case. And androids all work together. And because of different builds my mom could get a galaxy s4 mini, while I get a HTC One, while my dad gets a moto x. But these devices work together in sync and all. Apple has only one device for the consumers. The iPhone 5s and the last year’s iPhone 5c is a tacky plastic case.


But to answer the question, it should work as long as you use boot camp. As for the iOS vs Android comment, Apple isn’t conservative (Apple frequently leads the charge on new technologies), so much as it has respect for its users’ privacy & security, and it places value on things working right the first time. Google does none of that, which is why their crap is always in beta and they (and their partners) are always caught data mining their users and selling their information to the highest bidder.