Lupes' WiP Thread

AKA- No wonder nothing is finished. I have so many ongoing projects that making a WIP thread for all of them would be just plain silly so I’ll pile everything up here as a way to keep it simple. I’ll have to split this in to multiple posts though, as the maximum number of images I can link is 4.

Firstly, the HG Astraea kitbash I’ve been tooling around with for awhile now. At first I wanted to see just how many swords I could load on to it while maintaining some for of functionality, but decided to revise it last week:

I still need to paint the GN condensers (going with a metallic orange) and do some general touching up, as well as work the 00’s GN drives in there again.

Further WiPs on these will definitely go up here, but you can also see stuff go up on my blog (linked below).

Next up is the MG ReZEL for the GAF ReZEL group build. I’ve been working on this for a long time and it’s been in the final stages for even longer, it’s just my own laziness and the fact that working with snake chain to replace the piping on the back of the legs is a total PITA.

Getting in to the heavier stuff now with the PG Wing Zero Custom. As you can see, it’s an experiment with LEDs more than anything else, though I’ll be closing up the nasty seamlines on the kit and trying to find a way to make the wings stay put when I pose them flared out. I’ve already got the colorscheme for this thought up, I’m just waiting til I finish my other PG project before I get in to this one.

Which of course brings us to the big one, the PG Strike Freedom ‘Pride’ for Gundam Australia’s group build project. This thing is time consuming as all-get-out what with chroming the frame of everything and using the candy method for painting (black base->alclad ii chrome->clear blue) and has had more than it’s fair share of issues while building like lost parts and having to sand down and repaint things but thusfar it’s turning out to be well worth the struggle.

I’ve seen this on Syd’s blog…blown away! I have a PGSF that I’ve barely started and have toyed with the idea of joining the “Gauntlet”, but I little to no experience in customizing kits and don’t want to screw up my only PG.

If it’s just painting it and it not coming out smoothly you’re worried about, a little windex soak+600 grit sandpaper+1200 grit wetsand will remove paint easy peasy and leave the part smooth like new for a second (or in the case of my wings, 4th or 5th) go around. It’s definitely a big undertaking though, I’ve been working on it for ages thanks in part to Ohio weather.

Well, thanks for the technique advice, that gives me some peace of mind. The other problem I’m having is deciding on what to paint it, if I do it. Will I be happy with a totally different color scheme? Is it worth entering if I DON’T change it? What colors will I do? These are the questions I face and I need to decide soon…ok, enough of that.

I just noticed the bits of metallic green in the frame of the PGSF, neat-o choice there. Kind of risky to put that in, but it works well.

That color scheme on all of those models remind me of the Hi-v.

Good eye, the color scheme on the ReZEL and Strike Freedom where both Hi-Nu inspired (hence the metallic green on SF for psychoframe).

Well, one of the guidelines for the GB is changing some colors (even if it’s just changing the red parts on the shoulder armor), but with all the lineart out there you could use ms paint or photoshop to play around until you came up with a good plan of attack. That’s usually how I start on my recolor projects. Be warned, painting this thing takes forever and a day. Lots of parts and lots of paint! I’m glad I got an airbrush when I did, otherwise I’d be spending a ton in spraycans.

You are a madman sir. I’ve actually posted pictures of that PGSF on here before on a different thread. I’ve seen you on /toy/ quite a bit. Asterisk pointed out to me that the kits I posted were yours. Every time I see your work I SAB.

PG Strike Freedom progress: Stickers!

Not pictured: One dragoon painted white, 2 more around 60-80% done, and 5 more to start still.

Looks good mate. I love that kit. How long did it take you to do all the painting? Just the painting, not the building or sticker bit.

Good question really, It’s hard to say. Whenever I do sit down to work on painting it’s usually at least 3-4 hours so I’d wager somewhere in the ballpark of 20-30 something spent painting? Painting PG kits are a whole hell of a lot of work when you’ve got 3 layers of paint to put on everything, ugh. When I get back to working on HG kits my mind is going to be blown at how little paint I wind up using.

Haha that’s amazing mate. You have any pictures of your HG work?

Sure do- they’re attached below.

Got the DRAGOONS primed, they’re a far cry from done though. Chrome laid down on the other side’s wing frames, just gotta put the clear blue over them.

If only that was what the Strike Freedom would have looked like in Destiny. Is there any way that you have ever physically met Asterisk? Because if you have, I’m having him drive straight to you so I can see that thing in person. I will hold him at gunpoint. OK so it won’t be loaded but it isn’t like he’ll know that.

Haha, Lupes lives a deal farther north than us, SFA.

If there was any more awesome in this thread I might explode! Really awesome work. Taken me under your wing! I must know your secrets! lol

Situated in scenic (yeah right) Ohio, I’m only really out of the way.

Thanks! My secret is two years worth of trial and error, haha. I’ve got some bad ones that never saw the light of day due to things just not panning out.

How close is that Strike Freedom to being done? Just DRAGOONS left? It’s really hard to think it’s not even completed and it’s probably the sweetest PG I’ve ever seen… And Strike Freedom isn’t even one of my favorites. lol