Looking to sell recently acquired lot of 15 Gundam sets from the 90’s

Hello all! My name is Mike, I live in New Hampshire. I recently acquired a box of 15 Gundam modeling kits from the 90’s. All have been put together, but whoever did it did a really good job. Plus, as far as I can tell, everything is there. Weapons, instructions, even the little plastic forms that hold the parts for modeling kits. I have no idea what the value is. They’re a little dusty as I suspect they were on display on a shelf or something. I know nothing about these, if there’s any value/interest, etc. I will provide a few pictures, and would be happy to take more as I figure out what to do with these. I jhave NO IDEA what they’re worth, so any guidance/appraisal/offers would be appreciated. Not looking to get rich, just a fair price so these can go to a good home that will appreciate them

I don’t think any of these are particularly rare and they seem to be OOB builds with panel lining. Unless someone else sees something I’m missing I wouldn’t expect more than a couple bucks for each, and that’s mostly from people looking for parts.

Thank you for your reply, that is good information to know. As I said I know nothing about them, so any help / information is appreciated! For a couple bucks apiece, I may just put them on display in my man cave basement. I’ve never seen these before, and the more I look at them, the more I like them. Very cool, amazing detail. And the posability of these……for being models….is pretty amazing. Thanks again!

I think every one of these has had an updated version released, possibly in bigger scales as well. If you like the look the newer stuff goes crazy with detail and are amazing to put together.

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Posting to the UK will probably be massive but if did want to sell any of the old MG kits, I would take a few off your hands. I like to custom mod and paint so would be great for me.