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Im interested in buying the HGUC Gaplant but dont wanna spend over 100 bucks.

If you’re patient enough, you could wait for a reissue. The bad news is that you could end up waiting for over a year. That’s how it was when I wanted Rezin Schneider’s Geara Doga (HGUC).


True but it does pay off there was a restock of the Metal Gear rex and i was able to snatch one for less then 90 bucks itll be here April though lol

Hobby link Japan has it on backorder, but you can preorder one for when they get it in stock.


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All I can suggest is ebay or apps like Mercari. While the situation isn’t good and prices are high, you sometimes do get lucky.

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BBTS has it for preorder - they say it’s coming in May
But, that’s just an estimate of when it will arrive. It can end up taking much longer.

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Depends on your local market or even some with shipping available, you can probably find some built or unbuilt ones on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, or Offerup. Sadly, the GunPla market is all out of wack right now with low supplies with some of the kits, there are/were some people asking for double, triple or even more than the MSRP of the kit. Of course, they can charge however much they want for the kit(s), but doing so also send the market into a very bad place right now.

Anyway, if you wish to preorder from HLJ, you might be in for a long wait. Had done so with the old 1/100 Gold Frame Astray and one other SEED or one of its MSV kit before about 3 years or so ago. They cancelled the other kit because it was discontinued but leave the Gold Frame in the account and till this day, it was still on backordered, and do get e-mail about every month reminding that kit still on the account. Not sure what the point of the reminding e-mail was as it was not back in stock, but that was what they did.

As for BigBadToyStore, their estimated available time might take a while. Had preordered a Transformer Masterpiece from them before, many places already had it and were shipping it out before the stated month. However, their stock was not available at the stated month, so had to cancelled the preorder and went with Amazon Japan, which ended up getting it faster and cheaper than from BigBadToyStore. That was about a year or so before this pandemic and shipping delay problem too. So, you will likely need some patience with them when it comes to preordering too. Their service was pretty good though.

Edit: It has to be Gaplant? Gaplant TR-5 not going to do?

Already got the TR-5 coming from a friend but in honestly i want the original Gaplant got to have that monoeye

Do you not have any hobby stores in your area? I sometimes go to shops in other cities. You can do a Yelp or Google search to find any near you. You can also get a phone number to call in and ask if they have what you’re looking for.

I was going to suggest proxy, but shipping prices went up, so that wouldn’t be cheap.

I live in a rural farming area so no i dont have any near me

Ah, alright. Thought TR-5 and original shared pretty much the same look.

Im also in the market for a HGUC Zaku III either version

Big shout out to Holte for a couple of excellent deals. He hooked me up with some much needed parts, both for replacements and for upgrading and customizing. Kudos!

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