Looking for Wing Fenice Parts

Hey all i really need the back of Fenice’s right hand, can anyone hook me up :smiley: Im willing to trade

Although i dont have a gundam wing fenice. I have a part in my spare parts bin that might work. Its the hand cover for the HG 1/144 RX-78-2. It looks like almost the same thing. And i looked at a manual scan for the fenice and it looks like they attach the same way. If you want it its yours. I wont hurt to try.

If you could man, that’d be amazing! It’s driving me insane seeing the empty spot where it’s meant to be xD So much so that i dont like to display it o.o!

Zaku speaks truth. That part should work just fine. I ordered some Builders Parts EFSF hands so I could do some open-hand poses with the Fenice. :slight_smile:

Well it wont hurt to try PM me your address and ill slap it in a envelope. I hope it fits man and let me know whether it does or doesn’t.

That makes me think the ball joint for the hands are the same. Ill send you the whole hand if i can find it. I have a lot of crap in my spare parts bin. Lol

You lucked out mate i found the trigger hand and the sword hand for it.

Dude you’re the best i really appreciate it! Thanks both of you :slight_smile: im glad they word on fenice!

Yea man lucky break for you mate. PM me your mailing address and ill put em in the mail tomorrow. I think i habe a little container to put them in. But if i cant find one ill just put them in a zip lock bag and drop em in an envelope they should be alright.