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I am fairly new to the repainting scene, but given my lack of a properly ventilated area and what I am doing are fairly small areas, airbrushing and heavy fumed paints aren’t really something that I can use. Gundam Markers are what I use, and I have done so, fairly, successfully. That said:
Are there any US based sites out there, or does anyone have a local shop, that carry the Gundam EX Markers? Ideally, I would want all 6 of them at the same time, but I know that is a difficult thing to ask for.
Yes, I can get them from various overseas sites, but the shipping is either super cheap, non-trackable, and takes months or costs more than twice the cost of all 6 markers, trackable, and still takes a month to get here.


Below are a few US based sites that you can check aside from Amazon. I’m sure there are more, but these are the main ones that I use regularly.

USA Gundam Store
Gundam Planet

galactic toys

Hobby Town

Newtype HQ

Gundam Kingdom it’s in Houston. They have a website you can order.

Haven’t actively searched some stores for the markers. Barnes & Noble used to have some but I haven’t seen any in a while. I know of a local game store called ‘Boss Stage’ that sells some kits, but I’ll have to check it out if they have some markers, too.

I am similar to you. But instead of markers I use acrylic paints. Both Tamiya and mr hobby make them.

It is confusing to start buying than at first because of the amounts of paints available. And it is easy to confuse with solvent base paint which you will want to wear a mask.

From my experience. Flat colors are hardest by brush. It is unforgiving, and easy to see brush stokes.

Metallic paints are the easiest. As long as you put down a few thin layers it normally looks great. The larger the parts the harder to hide the brush strokes.

You can buy any acrylic paints at Any art store or craft store. Even home depo.

I start on paints from home depo. Since then I moved on to mr. hobby and Tamiya paints

Those paints are about 2-3 dollars but they have more concentration of pigments so they are in my opinion worth it.

With the use of a wet palette (look up on you tube) the paints can last over night.

I like the mr. hobby paints because they work well with a wet palette. Tamiya do not.

The nice thing about the hobby paints is they match the color you are going for. Where as craft paint will likely be harder or more mixing. I still use the metallic paints from home depo.

I repainted a old model for experience and I learnt a lot. Nice thing is it fairly cheap to get into. But it is very time consuming. If you want more info I can send you pictures of basic items I use.