Looking for mirror finish chrome

so, I’m looking for a solution in regards to painting my action bases with as close to a mirror finish chrome as I can possibly get.

problem is, I dont know what method to use, molotov liquid chrome pens cant really deliver the finish I want over large areas like the base plate of an action base, and I have no standard hobby paints that can deliver this either.

spray paints seem to be the way to go but again I’m lost on this.

the entire point of this is to provide a reflective surface to redirect overhead lighting up onto areas of the models that normally dont receive light really well.

does anyone have any ideas?

This would be my basic process (example in the diorama floor below):

  1. wash runners with hot water and dish soap and let them dry
  2. prime with Tamiya grey ( https://www.amazon.com/Tamiya-Surface-Primer-180ml-Spray/dp/B000BMXRUM )
  3. spray Testors Chrome ( https://www.amazon.com/Testors-1290T-Chrome-Gloss-Enamel/dp/B0006O56LI )
  4. finish with wet look laquer ( https://www.amazon.com/Testors-TLACQUER-1834-Aerosol-Lacquer-3oz-Wet/dp/B000UF6Z1S/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=Testors+Clear+Coat&qid=1623279670&sr=8-4 )

and given all I want is super high light reflectivity rather than any scenery benefit?

For the best chrome finish you need to use and airbrush and do a lot of surface prep.

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If you have an airbrush, molotow liquid chrome refills can be used, just like normal paints.

For the best mirror finish, go with AlClad II. Use their system:

Prime Gloss Black.

Spray multiple thin layers of Chrome lacquer to achieve the desired mirror finish.

Spray with clear coat to protect the finish.

this is what I get for posting whilst severely distracted ^^ I forgot to mention I’m on a budget…the cheaper the better if possible.

I’m not looking for ‘see the hair follicles mirror finish’, I’m looking for a complete even coat with a super high degree of reflectivity.

Purchase a basic glass picture frame and use black paper or tin foil under the glass:

where can I find the testors spray on chrome enamel? I think thats going to be my best bet for the situation.

so thats my solution, just need to find it.

@KALLAHAN thanks man, sorry if I came across as…difficult, I sometimes have issues with relaxing exacting standards for a simple fix if that makes any sense.

Another alternative is spray gloss black as smoothly as you can, then rub graphite powder on it.

Not at all! I just hope you can get things shipped to where you’re at. I live in Alaska so a lot of stuff is a pain to get my hands on (paints, batteries, special order stuff)

@KALLAHAN alaska? -winces- may as well be canada…actually? probably easier to get things to canada, only have to hit customs once instead of twice like alaska.

my sympathies sir.

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