Looking for Gundam Kids ages 9-15

My son is 11 and very into Gundam. He does not like sports and spends his time building Gundam, its his favorite activity. I’m looking to see if there are any other kid enthusiast out there that can meet online and chat with my son for social purposes.

Any recommendation will be great as well. We are in the Austin Texas area.


Discord might be your best option there. Now my local HobbyTownUSA has had meet ups before where people get together talk and build kits. If there is one local, you might inquire about something like that.


Okay I’ll be that guy, you really should be careful with post something like this online. There’s a lot of “weirdos” out there.

I’m with th. You should see of a local hobby shop of comic shop has meet ups, since you live in Austin I’m sure there’s got to be one there.