Looking for a couple of craft files

First of all, hi everyone since it’s my first thread here!

I’ve been wanting to start taking gunpla a bit more seriously than the “snap’n’shelf” approach (like trying sanding, panel lining, mixing kits, maybe painting, etc) so I’m looking to place a friend’s order on HLJ to get myself some tools I couldn’t find here and a bunch of random cheap 1/144 HG’s to mess with.

I’m a bit stuck on the crafting files, I wanted a couple of those, but for most of them there’s no info whatsoever on the website about the grit of the files themselves (at most some generic soft/hard definition that doesn’t really make much sense to me). Does anyone have any specific one to suggest or somewhere I could get a bit more info about them?

I used the Tamiya file set:


and a couple set of this:


A good flush cutter can also cut down on the amount of filing and sanding that you need to do. Read this thread:


So I take the files themselves won’t be enough to give the finishing touches, I guess I’ll follow your tip and get some basic files and some sanding sticks.

Did you get multiple sets of the sanding sticks because they tend to wear out fast?

I actually added already a side cutter to the order too, I’ve been trying with one made for electric work, but while it works it tends to squash plastic a bit too much so I need to cut quite far (plus it’s not even perfectly straight, it has a bit of a curve to it).

The sanding stick do wear out eventually. But a set will last a few models if you file first then sand and polish. I use a cutter meant for electronics works and is Ultra flush, usually I do 2 cut per connect point. 1st cut far away and then once the piece if off the spruce, I can cut very close without deforming or stressing the plastic. It is quite expensive (probably one of the most expensive cutter around). See it here:


It cuts very clean so it usually takes no more than 3-4 forward and back cycle with the fine sanding stick to smooth out the cut then polish.

lol that cutter on amazon.it goes for the equivalent of 130$ :smiley:
I guess I’ll go with the God Hand suggested on the thread you linked me since it seems it should be good enough and it’s quite cheaper too :smiley:

Even $60 is a rip off. You can get generic versions of those for like nothing. Also nail cutter work reasonably well and even better in some cases.

I used to have a cheap Tamiya one that I got back when I was into Mini4WD (like… 20 years ago) but I lost it :frowning: That one was quite good.
Anyway the generic one I have now just makes a mess, importing the God Hand more or less cost the same as the generic non-basic ones around here, so I might as well get a specialized one.