Looking for 1/100 RX-78-2 OYW Animation color parts

It was a heartbroken moment. One of a leg piece from my Gundam cracking and falling apart when panel lining.

Now I’m looking for a part replacement service. Do you know any place offer that service right now? Let me know anyone of you has runner contains those pieces.

It is from the runner C and part number 10,11,12

Here is the photo of that runner and the kit.

Before you did your panel lining, did you spray a gloss clear coat on the parts?

No, I just use the Tamyia panel lining fluid and wash with the enamel thinner. I know I need to use gloss code to seal lines but most instruction didn’t mention about using gloss coat before panel lining. A lot of people say it’s fine to use Tamiya fluid without coating. If you look at the last picture you will see the hole’s wall collapse. I might end up pressing too hard or something.

Unfortunately those people are wrong there are some kits that you can get away with not using a gloss coat before panel lining, but that’s not the case with Bandai kits. The process that Bandai uses to make there kits makes the plastic softer than other model kit manufacturers. Because isn’t soft enamel thinner and paint tend to cause the bare plastic to crack and break. My rule of thumb is to always apply a gloss cleaner coat to your model for 3 reasons-

  1. It protects the kit
  2. It allows the panel liner to flow easier
  3. It makes it easier to clean up the excess panel lining paint.

You can also use zippo lighter fluid to clean up the panel lines when your using enamel paint.

Ah, the ankle guard.

From the look of it though, you probably can get away with it by gluing the parts together and should still looked like nothing wrong with it. Have you tried to do that first? If you want, you should use normal white or transparent glue, basically washable glue and put them back together first to see if you are satisfied with the result. If you are, then use the modeler’s glue or krazy glue and put them back together again.

Unless you are planning on posing the kit with many different poses which might cause the ankle guard to be moved plenty of times, glue them together should be sufficient.

It looks repairable. He could always drill it out and put a pin in it to hold it together.

Well, he definitely can do that. But was just suggesting the washable glue part so that he can get an idea of how it looks and if he wishes to do the repair by whichever means rather than getting parts, then he can proceed with that.

Worse case of using the washable glue part is just take it apart and clean up the glue without doing anything else that will make changes to the parts.

Because, honestly, the One Year War Animated Color Version is not as easy to find as it used to be and the animated color version have a little different panel line, especially the ankle guard, than the One Year War version, which is kind of odd but makes it harder to just do parts swap.

Honestly your idea of using washable glue is a great idea. I was just suggesting that he could pin it after.

Your right I can’t find that kit anywhere at a decent price.

Well, entirely up to Phyothant to see what he want to do.

The time of decent price for older kit seemed to be a thing of past. Now, some of the older kits are even more expensive than the P-Bandai ones.