Long Time Gundam Fan from the USA

Hey, everyone

I have been a long time Gundam fan since 2000 when my first exposure to Gundam was in a anime store while looking for Macross stuff. I started off with Wing but slowly have watched every Gundam show but I am behind on most mangas.

I have a large Kit collection and I enjoy the 1/144 scale.

I also got Gundam vs full boost on the ps3 and would gladly play with anyone.

Welcome to the forums. Are you a Titan suporter then? Or just like their flag?

Welcome to the boards! If you like the Titans as a group, I think you’re a first here.

I just love the Titan’s emblem.

Not into gassing colonies.

Welcome man! I’m from NJ lol I started with Wing too, and I’m also trying to watch all of the Gundam shows.Wish I could have a Gundam video game :frowning:

Oh god, running a Titan’s flag here is Tantamount to Suicide, especially since 90% of us here seem to be Zekes.

Welcome to the forums anyways.

Oh yea most of us are Zekes. Oh and SIEG ZEON!!!

I’m not a Zeke. Though I am part of the AEUG. Ever considered defecting from the Titans?

AEUG dosen’t do what is really needed for the cause though.

Gotta drop a few large orbiting bodies to make some omlets you know.

Welcome to the forums good sir! You and I already have something in common. I like the Titans logo and their color scheme on the Mk.II. However I despise their actions in Zeta.