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I’ve just spilled newly boiled water on my hand.

Anyways, I hardly ever add ice to my drinks for my dad instructed me not to drink juices/soda with ice when I was a kid.

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People have been telling me lately that they think of me as an intelligent person who sometimes wastes his talents.

Strange, my parents also informed me not to drink it with ice. Whe my mother was still here she would prepare ice cubes, but I don’t know why, for it was never ever used. Also, my parents drank the soda warm. Must have been my father, he used to cough a lot when he drank anything cold, so my mother suffered for his sake (on a really hot day).

Concerning boiling water, I enjoy that feeling. Call me a masochist. There’s something fun about that feeling. Not anywhere else. Okay, it stings. Hope your hand gets well again.

Yes, you are an intelligent person. No, you’re not wasting your time doing what you like. If it makes you happy, you’re doing the right thing.

Getting ready for another fantastic day at workbase.

And what do you think of their opinions?

Fun fact: drinking cold drinks on a hot day actually fights against your body’s natural cooling system. Drinking a hot drink actually helps more.

My legs are sore from jogging/running with my GF yesterday. We didn’t even run for that long, just 30 minutes.

Then the escalators decided to die this morning so that’s one batch of stairs I had to suffer through. Then the stairs again at the office since I’m expecting going up and down the floors today.

It’s going to be a painful day.

Hmm… that probably has something to do with sweating. I’ll consider that.

I’ve been experiencing this particular feeling for the last 2 1/2 years.
My respective school’s building is very tall. Consequently, walking upstairs turns out to be a pain if your class room is in the 3rd level. That’s many stairs to climb up, lol.

Fun fact: drinking cold drinks on a hot day actually fights against your body’s natural cooling system. Drinking a hot drink actually helps more.

I’ve heard that before. Tea drinkers FTW.

And what do you think of their opinions?

Depending on what they get at, what they refer to and try to assure me by saying so, I either acknowledge their opinions to be right oir wrong.

If my teacher says I waste a lot of potential, then I assume they are correct.
If a strangers says so, I wonder where the heck he may know that from. To conclude, they’re wrong.

Please keep in mind that there’s a benefit of drinking cold water. It helps you lose more weight. Our bodies are spending a little bit more energy trying to warm up the the cold water that we took in. Cold water can easily be absorbed by our bodies than warm water.

From what I have read and experienced, I could say it’s true. I’m not much of coffee or tea drinker. I’d either drink from lukewarm water up to ice cold water most of the times

Here’s another picture of me. I lost 50 pounds since 2011. I won’t entirely put my trust on drinking cold water or fluids. I’d regularly do brisk walks after work for 40 minutes and drink plenty of water. Ever since I’ve started that, I would continuously lose weight and feel much lighter and physically active.

Had one of the worst evenings of my life last night and it was all thanks to mixing too much instant coffee to my drink. Too much caffeine and it kept me awake all night. Tried to sleep, but my breathing and muscles wouldn’t allow it. Woke up this morning after however many minutes of sleep I got feeling like vomiting. Usually I can sleep during my commute, but there were too many lousy students this morning and the trains were running one car less so not only were there no seats available, but I had to stand for the whole 30-min trip. Got my sleep when I got to the office, since it was going to be a quiet couple of hours.

Thank goodness for oatmeal and many glasses of water. I think it helped purge it from my body by 5pm, but I’m still feeling sleepy.

Man, you better get some rest. I have experienced going to work without sufficient sleep. You could have just called in sick.

Finally no classes…freedom for about 3 months :slight_smile:

Been waiting for this and now I realize I don’t have anything to do at home but lie around and play games/use computer.

Oh, believe me, I put my butt to bed quickly last night. I’m feeling much better now, especially since I got an additional 30-min nap during my commute earlier. And you’re right, going to work without much sleep is a complete disaster. I was seriously considering calling in sick, but since I wasn’t completely bed-ridden, I couldn’t do it in good conscience.

It was the right decision; my boss told me she’ll come in at noon yesterday, but ended up taking the whole day off to deal with her kid. At least it was a quiet day so I just slacked off once all the big stuff was done.

@Lacus Prime, cherish those three months and have fun. I miss having three months off to do whatever I want…

I’m on my last day of studying for my Teradata 12 Certification exam tomorrow. I’ll stay away from the forums for a while. I’ll be back once the exam is finished. If it wasn’t required by our company, I would not care taking the exam.

Good luck, pal.

extend, do your best.

Thanks guys. I just got home from work. I was planning to do a further review this evening. However, my younger brother brought my laptop to his classmate’s house to some thesis work.

Life’s good at the moment but it is busy. Especially this week having to do two assignments for tomorrow which I started on Monday. Had my second shift at mcdonalds and i’ll have my third one next week. Easter Holidays start tomorrow too and I have no holiday work which is good too. Going out on Saturday too which should be good since I haven’t gone out properly in town for a long time. Gundam modelling has taken a back seat to my main hobby of collecting and selling beyblades (anyone remember those? They came out in the west in about 2001 and they redoing them again now which started in 2010 in the west once again). Can’t really do much till I pay up for an airbrush apart from sanding and I need more sandpaper so…

I actually had a couple of them. Most of them broke. My favourite was Master Driger, which ALSO broke.
I took this photo when both of my parents where still here. I still have the pieces… they blade is just broken.
You can notice the crack on the bottom. It’s blurry, but you should be able to see it.

I wish I could give you some business in that beyblade trading. Are you selling them assembled or unassembled?

I sell them assembled but I have some spare parts too. I actually have that bey apart from the middle bit with the sticker which I would be fine selling.