I’ve just returned from the first day of admin training. This is just he basics though… it was okay…
The worse part was the lecturer. She’s sarcastic, and really bitchy… I have to put up with her for the next 4 weeks.
Over the course of the lessons, she would often smack her hand down on the table and ask random questions pertaining to what we’re doing. This was okay. I hated how she assumed the worse of several of us attending.

Yeah, I’d say it was okay. I have 6 days to study what’s in this manual and go through it again.
If any of you are taking business management or things like that in school full time, you should be glad.

Not related: I noticed a chinese massage parlour across the street from the college.

At least it doesn’t sound like you’re going through hell, haha. You’re thinking of trying out that massage parlour? We won’t judge :slight_smile:

Hell, hm, no I can’t say hell exactly. Just a lot of worries about continuing the lessons :slight_smile:
As for trying out the massage parlour, well, I’d consider it if I trusted them enough… yes… Don’t want to get tangled in that yet. Besides, my body isn’t in need of a massage. A few hours of sleep does wonders.

Anyone else try a massage parlour? Hahahaha

Depends. Is it run by women or men ? (hehehe).


As for me, I’m enjyoing my leisure time, doing nothing but a little gunpla building, playing video games and work outs.

And I haven’t eaten any chocolate, soda, cookies, pie, or any sweets in general for one month now.
I’ve been eating my kebaps without sauce importing it makes it healthy.

Practically, my easter holidays have already begun. They are expected to start on wednesday.
I’m contemplating skipping school :stuck_out_tongue:

…is it this kind of massage parlour?


i second this!

As much as that would be nice, I don’t think such beautiful women would limit themselves to massage parlours. Then again, I havn’t checked out China yet…

I just came to rant about ice.
I had about 3 cubes of ice in my drink. I don’t get the point of more than 2. First up, the more ice, the less drink. In my case, pure orange juice.
Second, when you’re done with your drink, you leave behind good water, depending on the ammount of ice.
I make it a habit to try to swallow my ice, to prevent wasting.

It would be better to crush ice, so it dissolves quicker. I would prefer this over whole cubes. cubes tend to set the water at hte surface of the drink, which is also annoying.

If your restaurant serves you too much ice in a drink, lay a complaint.
I’m done.

I happen to share your rant, although for me, it’s mostly because it gets in the way of drinking. Yes, I know I can use a straw, but sometimes I don’t want to. All of your points are technically correct too. It’s a culture thing and one I don’t follow anymore.

It’s a good way to sell drinks with less expenses.
However, it might be harmful to your throat to swallow ice.

Rowdain, I friggin love you Avvie. And yeah. You guys are lucky. 90% of the time you’ll see a semi-moderated subforum with so many spam threads you have to delete 3 pages before finding any actual topics. My life is looking a little better though. Car is still being worked on, but hey.

You drink Orange juice with ice?

Doesnt Everyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I love allot of ice, well at least in water, because I like to munch on them after wards.

That said I personally don’t drink orange juice with ice.

? When you gulped down a crap load of Tobasco Sauce…After loosing a bet that you could down it in 50 seconds or less without going for something cold…anything with ice in it sounds good…INCLUDING oj lol

Juice is, from fruit, yes, it’s not a bad idea to want your orange juice a little chilled. It tastes better that way.
Something less suited for ice is soda. I see this a lot at parties.

Now I’m craving for an ice-cold juice. Strawberry juice to be exact. Whew, it’s getting hot here in Manila! Summer is coming around!

@extend, how do you cope with the summer weather there? Serious question since it’s been two decades since I last experienced it, haha.

Just got back from a fun weekend with friends in KCMO and the anime convention. Despite a few bumps in the road (waiting in the PRE REGISTER line for 3.5 hours) it was a super fun time and I am really missing the city atmosphere already. The friend I stayed with actually has a nice loft right in downtown so we might be neighbors come this summer! :smiley:

Also I have so many goodies to play with I am going to have my hands FULL of projects in the coming months. I’m so exited!!

That sounds so good… juice will always taste better than any alcoholic beverage… I don’t need to say why. It’s the freshness…
Strawberry sounds really tempting. I think I’ll settle for any fruit juice, haha

Glad you had a good time. Not glad you had to wait 3 hours… waiting seriously sucks.

My next few months is going to be full of hellish lessons. Might I ask what kind of projects you’re going to do?

Well let’s see… My top favorite fruit juices are melon, mango, strawberry, grapes,and coconut.

I don’t drink any alcoholic drinks except from red wine which our relatives serve during holiday seasons.