Since I accidentally deleted the old thread minutes ago, I figured I’d replace it.

What’s up guys? How are you all doing on the other side of your screens?


ah well, acciendents happen. anyway lol. Nuttun much…just enjoying the view of my life.

I’m studying for an upcoming English class test on Friday.
To me it’s a big deal.
I’m exaggerating things, though.
I always do.

Seems like you’ve been getting pretty hasty with that delete button lately :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been hell trying to curb the tide of spam lately. I do my best to ensure that you guys don’t stumble upon the pages and pages of spam threads we get daily, and sometimes (especially lately) I don’t catch legit user threads until it tells me “you can’t delete this user, but s/he’s still been banned”. I can undo the ban, but not undelete the thread =/

So that explains why some of us have reduced post counts.
Oh well, not a big deal. It’s not like we read those old posts anyway.

Today I hurt my palm while cleaning up. Getting cut up isn’t a big deal for me, I usually do that by accident when handling razor blades.
But getting cut by a razor is painless while wood splinters sting like shyte.

Been enjoying the opportunity to use my airbrushes again, at least until it gets cold again which may happen soon. Unfortunately, the first AB I bought is having some clogging issues where the air flow seems restricted. Not sure why since it looks clean otherwise, but it’s annoying me. Time to invest in that sonic cleaner.

Good thing it’s a cheapo AB; maybe it’s a sign that I need to invest in something not so cheap.

Doing great, going to Naka-Kon on friday besides that nothing really.

Doing my work based at the Cottage of Hopes.

I may accidentally do the same if I’m on his place. I can be very clumsy. XD

Also there a guy that looks like a real cute female at Job Corps center because I already know. They look like girls and I don’t want my mind play tricks on me so avoid him but I feel kinda bad. My roommate says he’s cool and I don’t like to treat people bad. I don’t know.

Lessons start early as 8:00 AM this saturday. I’ll have to go to bed about 10:00 PM. I hadn’t gone to bed that early since… around 12 years old.

Alright, as I have a little time to spare, I’d like to write briefly how I am doing and feeling ATM.

Well, as an English class test has been scheduled for tomorrow, everyone is currently begging off me to explain grammar to them.
Well, I’m feeling honored to be acknowledged to be someome who is capable of speaking English and comprehends very much.
On the other hand it’s extremely distressing and disappointing me to repeat myself all over again.

What I am trying to get at is that I am honestly willing to help out the others but at the same time, I am simply clueless how to clarify something to them, whereas they don’t know about the basics.
I am remarkably excited and nervous about the upcoming test as well.
As I always do, I am thinking about what might happen if I failed myself and all those expectations.

@Deathscythe!, have you had to do something like that before? Reminds me of the time I had to train people how to build a web server during a college course.

On to other things, I’ve been feeling lazy all week at work. Maybe it’s the warm weather out; makes me want to do something other than stay indoors for eight hours.

Yes I have. However, the most notable aspect about this is that the number has increased very much since I last assisted someone in studying and preparing for a class test.

Who is pumped for tennis season?
This guy.
Just busting my nuts in conditioning, trying to find my girlfriend a good birthday gift.
Built a HG 1/144 Throne Zwei yesterday.
It was the best model I’ve ever built. Favorite.

Women loves to go shopping. Take her to the Dollar Store for a shopping spree.

She loves to build Gunpla with me. I’m probs gonna buy her a HG Cherudim or Dynames. She already built and fully detailed a HG 00 Raiser on her own.
Other than that I’m not quite sure.

Life has been good to me. Recently I enrolled in a different college to pursue a career in aviation industry…as a pilot! So far I’m well; got an 86% on my mid-term.

Nice work and good luck in that career friend…and good to see you still flying friend (on the forum that is…welcome back from Gundam knows how long of radio silence) :stuck_out_tongue: