Lets talk about the Dom

I think the Dom is one of the most under estimated MS in the OYW, why because in almost every game the Dom is one of the best MS. Granted its average for space combat but the Dom just plain rules for ground warfare, to a point that their usually nerfed in a game one way or another. I’m surprised the Feds don’t have any test bed Dom-ish GMs

The dom is one of my favorite suits from msg. It’s definitely one of the best ground suits ever developed. I felt like the black tri-stars kinda got screwed over with their short lived appearance in the original series.

As for dom like feddie suits there was the mudrock gundam in zeonic front.

The Dom is awesome. Why walk when you can hover? And if you cant hover then you can still walk. Zeon designs just plain kick ass. Why do you think the feds keep copying us. Im thinking about getting the resin conversion kit that turns the MG Rick Dom into the Dom Tropen. Bad ass.

The Dom is one of the least important grunts in the original Gundam series. Many explode throughout the various episodes, and they don’t make as much of a prominent appearance compared to that of the regular Zaku. However, the Dom should have been more useful in the episodes on Earth. It’s faster than most suits, since it hovers rather than walking, and it carries a giant bazooka! What else do you need for an efficient battle machine? Of course, when the events of Gundam Unicorn take place, the Dom is ancient compared to the other Feddie units.

This is rather convenient timing, given my most recent addition to my massive HLJ order. :wink:

I absolutely love the Dom (and its derivatives). Seriously, the thing just screams cool. Those Black Tri-Star jackasses really didn’t do it justice in MSG. If only M’Queve would have given Ramba Ral the Doms he requested. That man would have won the war for Zeon then and there. Oh well, at least the Dom Tropen looked good mercy killing the captured Zaku and silencing its annoying pilot in 0083’s first episode

I love the dom myself, a master grade dom is on my wish list. However it’s largest downside is IMO the lack of weapons. Other wise it’s pretty op for a ground suit.

The Dom MG has bazookas, rockets, and a machine gun based on Dalong’s images.

I think Zeonic Front and Crossfire are the only two games that gave the Dom machine guns on top of the rocket launchers

I was talking about the MG. The bazooka is definitely the Dom’s signature weapon in the show.

Yup I was talking about the show, nice to know the master grade comes with some extras I thought I was going to have to nab a Zaku machine gun from on of my 2.0’s

It’s different from the classic Zaku MG. The one included looks more like an Uzi.

I think I’ve seen it before, small compact looking thing?

Yep, that’s it.

Edit: here it is: http://dalong.net/review/mg/m21/p/m21_n15.jpg
On second look, not so Uzi looking. I must’ve mixed it up with something else. Probably one of the variants.

I got out my MG Doms instruction manual. It comes with strurm faust, Rakten bazooka, Giants bazooka, 90mm machine gun and a heat saber.

This sounds right.

The Dom my favorite suit! It’s funny that this thread came up, because the MG Rick Dom, which will be my third Gunpla model, is on its way from Japan as we speak.

I also use it in Gundam Vs Gundam NEXT Plus on PSP, even though there are much better suits available.

I really like the hands on the mg dom. They are big, strong, and the fingers are individually articulated. They are perfect for flipping birds!

Lol thats the pose my Dom stays in. Great minds do think alike.

My Rick Dias says “Hi”, as he flips off his ancestor (and everyone else).

If I ever make a diorama its going to be with my dom crushing a brutally ruined rx-78’s head while giving it the finger!

RIP Gaia, Ortega, and Mash

PS I laughed when Matilda died!