Lets discuss Mobile Suit Gundam

Here something I’ve been thinking about doing lately and heres the plan, every week we have a open discussion about a gundam series, I was thinking of staying with UC and working chronologically, but depends on how it goes. Basically I just want to discuss what you liked, what you didn’t like, what would you do different, the charactets, mobile suits, ect ect. Well lets get this ball rolling

This week let’s discuss the series that started it all, Mobile Suit Gundam!

I still like this series, although I do think the last half feels rushed. I would have like to explore some of the other characters a little more. The animation surprising holds up for me, but maybe its because I’m old (29 years old) but I like the campiness of the art. My main complaints would really be the recycled scenes got annoying, esspecially during the latter space part of the series.

I really liked it when I watched it. And I kinda felt the same about the 2nd half. The only part that I didn’t like was the introduction of Lalah Sune. I hated her character. But overall, I like the series. And recycled scenes is a common thing, yeah it’s annoying. But you just gotta roll with it.

I agree, Lalah Sune is a irrating character because she was brought in so fast and gone so fast, yet she somehow makes this big impact on everyone, but how, yea I know its suppose to be a newtype thing, but that was poorly conveyed in my opinion. That and Slegger Law, I mean seriously he was in the show for a couple episodes and they make it seem important when he dies, theres no way any viewer can connect to that character at that short of time.

I hated her character because she was only on the show for a just a few episodes. And yet her death left a massive psychological scar on both Amuro and Char to the point that both of them hate each other to their cores. And on top of that, just when they are ready to bury the hatchet, her damn ghost decides to show up and haunt the both of them. And boom, feud is back on. If it wasn’t for her, I think Amuro and Char would have buried the hatchet in Zeta.

I love msg . I really dnt have to many complaints. I will say that i wished lalah wouldnt have died so early. I would have liked to see how things would been if she didnt die. I would also like to have seen some backstory on brights slaps. Like where he get that slaps from

As I’m on mobile, I’ll keep it laconic :

-It was entertaining
-Char was overrated
-Bright was quite dominant for a 19 yr old
-MSG exhibited very well how insidious and inclined to entrap Hitler’s subordinates were on WWII (Granted Zeon’s meant to mirror the third reich, not Japan)
-The design and concept was innovative

I could mention more aspects but I have promised to keep it short

I don’t think Char was overrated in MSG, I think he became overrated in later series though. I would have loved to see Char and Amuro work together later, but then we would have missed out on CCA, and I don’t think they could have used a better character than Char in that position.

Lalah was a pivotal character for a number of reasons. After Char was demoted for letting Garma die, he really lost his way and his purpose. Lalah became a motherly figure to him. There was instant connection that wasn’t just a Newtype connection. It was true love for Char, he finally had a purpose for life, his purpose became Lalah. And for Lalah, her purpose was to protect and care for her Captain, Char. When Amuro entered the fray, that is when Lalah’s Newtype abilities finally made that much deeper connection, but it wasn’t with Char as she hoped and thought it would be, it was with Amuro. Char and Lalah were in love as normal people fall in love, it took time, and being together, and learning through conversation and actions what the other person was like. But for Amuro and Lalah there was instantaneous connections of the mind, as if they had become one. That’s why she was so important as a character. You don’t get all of the background details about Char and Lalah just from the series, you have to read into it, and it helps if you read the novelization and Origin. Amuro lost his true soulmate, Char lost the only woman who ever took care of him. She is vital to the story line.

As for Sleggar Law, he was important in Mirai’s development. Really pay attention to the way they interact. They almost had something. If Sleggar had lived, Bright and Mirai may never have gotten married. Sleggar really put Mirai in her place about the whole mess with her ex-fiance on side 6, Cameron.

As for Char becoming overrated after MSG, you have to look at him, not as an ace pilot, because he was so very much more. He was basically a dethroned prince! Had his father, Zeon Zum Daikun, not been murdered, Char would have become the leader of Zeon outright. He is a huge factor in the politics of the Universal Century! Char wasn’t just the best character for the position he held in CCA, he was the ONLY person who could have rallied the forces of Neo Zeon. He is the true heir to the Zeon name!

I never really considered Char to be overrated, frankly I loved his character. Still do. I haven’t been able to read some of the manga and novels out there that explain the UC timeline into more detail. Such as Char and Lalah. However reading your post Joe makes it a little bit more clear as to why Lalah’s ghost haunts Char and Amuro so much.

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Was that a Dos Equis reference?

Yes, yes it was.

Well this discussion seems to be done, I guess the next show in the UC time line is 8th MS team, but I may make it a double header and add 0080 War in the Pocket, or I could pick a gundam series at random for the next discussion, let me know

Lets start off with 8th MS team. By far THE Best Gundam War Story every made IMO. The Characters weren’t campy children that happened to fall into the cockpit of a mobile Suit, they were a bunch of soldiers (as if right out of a Vietnam War Film…simply badassery) who were just trying to survive while trying to keep loose so they didn’t get so wound up and crack. Shiro Amada by far has to be my favorite Commander. He has that air of being a die hard, devil may care commander whose cool headedness in combat make sure any and all comrades will make it out of a battle alive, yet when hes with Aina, he shows his hesitantness and humanity. his compassion and willingness to try and understand his enemy and find common ground (even love) with them showed a balance of hero and human. the rest of the cast had their own set of problems. Sanders was considered a jinx but was an outright badass in his own right, Karen was that heroine who on the outside was a tough as nails but on the inside was as vulnerable and sad. Mikale is that tech head you love, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, hes the classic Trooper who left his sweetheart back home, only to find out shes sleeping with another man and sends the poor bastard a “Dear John” Letter. Aina, shes a fox. Not only is she a badass pilot, shes a sexy one to say the least. Ginias is the typical mad scientist but he only shows it toward the end of the OVA, but still a pretty decent bad guy, but not as bad as that asshole Isan Ryer, who was willing to hang the entire team just to make an example of Shiro. As for Kojima, awesome Officer, and has the cajones to stand up to Ryer and tell him off. As for Norris Packard…im not gonna beat about the bush…hes a F**K Mothering BADASS! Nuff Said!
The Mecha are awesome (The EZ8 was one of my favorites), The Story is freaking well done, and the character development is done well. Besides the epic battles of strategy and then the even more epic battle between the 8th MS team and Norris Packard, the intimate stuff seen in between (like those scenes with Shiro and Aina in the mountains together) is quite compelling and sets a standard for what a war story in Gundam needs to be.

Now for 0080: War in the Pocket. What can I say, this thing is my personal favorite, even if I hated the ending (yes I know it was necessary but that don’t mean I have to like it lol). Christina Mackenzie is as much a fox as Aina, only the reason I like her more is…well…ive said it before and ill say it again: Im a Sucker for Redheads :stuck_out_tongue: Alfred Izaruha is that classic kid who has no clue that war isn’t a game and when he comes to realization (spoiler alert, when he witnesses his friend Bernie get turned to “hamburger meat”) he breaks down after seeing the cruelty of the reailty of war. Bernie is the determined Soldier who believes in duty and when he had the chance to run, he chose to stand and fight, though in the end it was futile…noble, but futile. The other Cyclops Team members were pretty badass, but my favorite out of them has to be Misha and his freaking badass that is the Kampfer. The Story that teaches that War is not only not a game but its a brutal creature that if youre not careful dancing with, you could not only loose the people you love, you could loose who you are and even your life, really made me say “Well done”.
The Aqua Mechs are cool, but frankly its meh to me. The Zaku II Kai is a cool upgrade to the Traditional Zaku II and im surprised they didn’t put this in Stardust Memory (more on that when we get to it). the Gelgoog Jaeger has to be my most favorite Gelgoog variant of all time, even if it got very short screen time. The Kampfer is a freaking beast of a blitzkrieg MS, and is the kind of Suit I could see as part of my “Hall of Mobile Suit Grunts” collection. and the Alex…Oh Science H. Logic, and (LONG STREAK OF VERY PROFANE STUFF THAT COULD GET ME BANNED FROM THIS FORUM FOR LIFE)! What can I say about the RX-78-NT-1 “ALEX” Gundam that I haven’t said across this Forum?! Its a beauty of a machine, The cockpit explained the evolution from the RX-78-2 Gundam’s Core Block Cockpit to the RX-178 Gundam MK II’s Linear Cockpit. The paintjob is gorgeous, the Chobam armor falling off it in Ep 4 was freaking badass, and the Gatling Guns…OH THE (CENSORED) GATLING GUNS! This Suit Has to be, rivaled only by the RX-93-V2 Hi-Nu Gundam, My favorite suit of ALL TIME!

All in all, both of thes OVAs were little gems that I personally own and enjoy and I hope any newcomers to Gundam do as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I was going to make it a seperate thread start Saturday, but whatever this works too lol

8th MS Team: My favorite of all the Gundam series, I love the fact the focus more on the realistic side of the series. I do think the series could have been much better if it was 50% longer, I feel there is something lost in it being so short. I like the fact they didn’t nerf Aina like so many series do to strong roles played by woman

War in the Pocket: I didn’t like this OVA the first time I saw it, the more I seen it the more I enjoyed it though. Still not my favorite I understand why so many like it and I do love the RX-78-NT1, Amuro would have raped the Zeong if he got it. Overall I felt it was rushed and alot of the characters seemed rushed and forced us to like them

So…When are we gonna do Stardust Memory?

As for the original MSG*. Id have to say its not exactly the best out of the Franchise but I have to give it the credit of starting it all. Char may be the classic badass, but he aint got nuttin on Rambal Ral. Weird, Rambal Ral used a Gouf, Norris Packard used a Gouf Custom. Is it just me or do all badasses use the Gouf and its variants? Amuro is the classic Hero who begins the heros Journey (Consult Joseph Campbell). But interesting to learn, he does not finish it in MSG. You see him still on the Journey in Zeta, and some parts of ZZ, and he Has somewhat completed it by the beginning of CCA. Hes a guy who just jumped into the Gundam just to seek revenge (you may not see it at first but youll figure it out. just watch Ep 1 a few times) but when the higher ups see his talent (or the fact hes the only vet of using the Gundam) hes “forced” into becoming a soldier. However, he shows to be a spoiled, unseasoned brat who hasn’t matured much, but as he learns lessons that will hold well with him and assist him to grow, he takes the first few steps to becoming the hero we see in CCA.
The Mechs, What can I say, some were a hit, some were a miss, but hey, the First Gundam if you think about it was an experiment of sorts and in Zeta a few years later, they got the hang of it Story (kind of) and the mechs (which some were pretty badass)

*forgot to throw my two cents in lol.