Leave a trap for the person after you.

Here’s just a fun one where creativity is the key of hilarity. Just say leaves -insert trap here- as a trap
Seeing as to I’m OP, I’ll leave the first trap!

Leaves a Mermaid Gundam strapped with explosives as a trap

Damn mermaid Gundam…
“Leaves Loran (dressed as Lora) as a trap” :smiley:

Leaves Teira Erde at Ribbons Almark’s ball as a trap.

I am gonna go ahead and evade that trap as best I can.

leaves Hiiro’s continuously broken leg as a trap

sneaks by as Silver evades the trap layed by GN and sets a kira cry baby trap down.

Lawlz at Kamari before setting down a large cake on your birthday with a Zeong stripper in it…as a trap O~o

Stripper dressed as the Zeong!? :shock: Why would I want to avoid that? (unless it is male in which case… Ewww… Must avoid at all costs…)
Leaves Flay as a human bomb for a trap.

Oh no, not a stripper dressed as a Zeong, a Zeong who is a stripper. Get right down to them internal hardware MMMMMmmm.

leaves a short-circuited haro as a trap

That works for me too…
shoots haro
Leaves an active funnel for a trap.

Sends Kshatriya to retrieve funnel before harm. Leaves Sinanju as a trap

Tops Sinaju with an Epyon Custom. Leaves Rick Astley disguised as insert your favorite gundam here as a trap


I hate you so much right now. All I will ever be able to see now, is Rondo Mina Sahaku dancing like Rick Astley when I get rick roll’d.

Has nethergundam chase down GNZaku and leaves Trinity Zwei’s fangs as a trap

Leaves a pissed off Godzilla as a trap.

Destroys Fangs With a bomb disguised as Ali Al Sacheeze’s Enact
Calms Godzilla by giving him a plushie haro
Leaves a Mt. Dew Can Sealed but Empty as a trap

Goes to pick up Mtn. Dew and trips over crying Kira. Gives him Tori-bird to calm down and punts him off cliff.

Sends empty container ships from Sergei Smirnov as a trap

Very clever, destroys empty containers with partially destroyed block from the libra battle station.

leaves a springboard on a cliff and white base at the bottom as a trap.

I’m jumping on to white base!


Leaves a B.C.Rich Mockingbird Masterpiece with sixty-eight pounds of c4 triggered by even a daft wind as a trap

Already has masterpiece coming for Christmas shows no interest in trap masterpiece

Leaves a Master Grade Sinanju box with nothing in it as a trap

Now that is just screwed up. You know I would eat that box in anger.

leaves a terrible driver in the delivery truck of your Mockingbird…who has a large history of classes and is a mystery on how he still has his license, as a friggin trap

Hi-Jacks truck and safely delivers mockingbird.

Leaves a full 1/1 scale Zeta Gundam with an open cockpit, but no control panel inside as a trap for Zeta-G