Latest Kit Acquisitions!

Its currently in stock at

I’m more interested in the MG myself. I want to do a combo color scheme of the original and the GPB scheme.

On a personal note. Went to McKay’s today (a huge massive used Book/Movies/Games/CDs/Misc store) and I saw some really interesting things. An old 1/144 Master Gundam Non-Grade, a 1/100 Scale HG Serpent Custom, and a few old G-Gundam toys. For outrageous prices. The toys were around 75 bucks. But they still had the packages. I did however, pick up Gundam SEED Astray 1 & 2. Pretty happy about those.

Pics or it didnt happen


Man, your area has some interesting treasures. Some good acquisitions there.

I’d be lucky if I find a DVD of any Gundam anime here.

This was a rather rare find for McKay’s. I had to pick it up. The toys and the models were rather, way overpriced. The 1/144 Non-Grade Master Gundam was $28.00. I payed just a little more than for my MG Master Gundam.

I have some exciting news. I can’t post a pic yet, since it’s out in my car. But I got my Airbrush compressor today!!! I’m super excited. I can’t wait to try it out. But there is a rather funny story. I had to scurry about and and sell some old printers really quick cause the compressor is on sale. (65 bucks, couldn’t let it pass) So I sold the printers and went to buy it. As I was walking out the store the guy behind me came out and yelled at me. He said that he bought one just like it, for his taxidermy. But it doesn’t have enough PSI to do what he needs. But he said he’d sell it to me for 20 bucks. I thought, hmm, I could buy his, take this one back. Use the difference to get a cleaning station and some supplies. Maybe even a new kit. So I followed him to his house. And, yeah. It’s just the compressor. No regulator nor moisture trap. I told him that I had to have those for my airbrush. He told me to keep the thing as he was just going to scrap it anyways. So now I have 2 compressors in my car. One with a complete set up and one without. Haha, plus my mom was out near Hobby Town so she picked up some Tamiya Black and Light Grey, plus their Lacquer thinner. So excited!!!

Nice! free compressor ftw… where did you buy the set up at?


Harbor Freight. The compressor comes with the regulator and the moisture trap all built in and ready to go. For the price, it can’t be beaten. Plus a personal friend of mine swears by it, so that alone was good enough for me.

@thwalker13, that’s probably the score of the year. Good stuff, man. If one compressor gives out on you, you got another one to fall back on, haha. Now you have to worry about finding time between working on kits and playing around/testing the AB.

No kidding. I still need to get a cleaning station and some better mixing jars. But that shouldn’t be to bad. Harbor Freight has the cleaning station. I’ll try to find the mixing jars somewhere. But I do plan on getting some of the Tamiya jars from Hobby Link Japan next time I order some stuff.

Good catch on the 2 compressors. I need to get my airbrush stuff out and check it to get started on painting for real. It will be odd not painting 2d on paper and such without the masking film. I plan on starting with some AG kits to get it dialed in. I broke out the compressor a few weeks ago when it was cool to get my new BMX going.

The other day, we received the kits I ordered. Shin’s zaku, GM cannon II, SD Guncannon and Shin BB Ez8.

Also, I was able to find a HGFC Shining Gundam a few days back, and today I’m getting a HG reborns Gundam. I’ll be building tonight for a good amount of time.

Nice haul man. The HG Shining Gundam is a nice find, I’ve a lot of really good things about that kit.

Aye, it’s fantastic! Honestly, all the HGFC and even the HGAW kits are some of the best kits period. Got all they’ve released except for Noble Gundam and its’ Bezerker mode. While I’m a fan of Allenby and Noble Gundam in the show, I’d rather not get one.

Hey Guys I am new to the forum and I couldn’t wait to actually show off this get when I was able to post. Looking around one of the comic shops around town I walked through the board game section (yes it was stocked in board games) Low and behold I see the words ZAKU and stop. A half second later I realize it’s this: . To my awe and disbelief it was sitting there mistaken for some obscure board game. I browsed it a little bit. noticed the box was open but went and looked through. Everything was still sealed inside and it looked like nothing was missing(still not 100% sure though). When I asked the owner of the shop about it he said he wasn’t quite sure what exactly it was as he had bought the shop off someone. He had the price labeled fairly high but after some talking too and the fact it had been in the store for forever I convinced him to sell it to me for $100 even, just slightly above the price of a MG.

So to my delight I now have in my collection of models to build a Perfect Grade but I have a dilemma.

I am very much a novice at Gunpla. Only recently I started to collect models again, prior to that I was a child who would just break them from the runners and have them be…less then fantastic looking. Now I am more experienced, older, wiser enough to actually sand and cut the plastic. Recently I tried painting a gundam with mixed results and panel lining using either Gundam markers or Tamiya Acrylics as well as a watered down enamel paint for panels. With this perfect grade the question that I have on my mind is such; To paint or not to paint. I don’t know if I should attempt to paint it properly or if it will look good without the paint job. Also I have never used cement or glue with Gundam models before (I have with 40K armies but thats different) and I am not sure if I should actually sand down and cement the pieces to try and make it as seamless as possible.

This probably isn’t the best place to post this but I figured the best way to find out was to jump in. Any and all your guys feedback is very apreciated


Proper place to ask, although everything you’ve asked has been asked multiple times there. Just read some threads.

OT: Not really gunpla, but hobby related.

Finally got my last bday present. A few weeks late but totally worth it.

Badger Krome!

Very nice man. That is one good airbrush.

You got a Perfect Grade Char Zaku II for $100!? I can’t even find deals like!! Also, welcome and on a related note where in SoCal do you live?