Latest Kit Acquisitions!

Seriously? WTF, man. Mine shipped out 12 days ago and I’m still waiting for it. I’m jelly, big time.

Nice! I finished watching Macross a week ago and I love the VF-1 Valkyrie’s design. I just wish they could make a J-model, then we could get a either a Max or Millia custom.

Got a HGUC 1/144 Geara Zulu Guards type
And an SD Wing Gundam EW

Both of these kits are beautiful. An MG of the Geara Zulu would be amazing, there are way too many stickers on this thing.

More late Bday presents!

UC Hardgraph MS[G] Platoon Briefing Set
Kotobukiya Black Ikaruga
Hakko Soldering Station (Now i can actually control my soldering temps. ^_^)

…Aaaaaand I bitched way too early, because two boxes containing these met me as I walked through door at home:

One is a book, I know, but still a nice score.

Nice! Really tempted to get the new valkyrie, if only to see how crazy the transformations will be. I’m terrified to paint my frontier kit, guaranteed scratches in the paint from transforming. They put the zeta like kits from gundam to shame in the level of complexity!

I pre-ordered this in a bundle from modelgrade. Awesome deal. It was $1049 and used a promo code for $1000 off lol xD

Nice purchase good sir. I’m waiting patiently to complete my my current project before getting the GP01 RG kits.

I’m not gonna lie here…
I’ve loved building Gundams. However, the most fun I have while building is when I build the SD kits. I don’t know why. I feel like all of my future purchases ( at least for the next few months) are all gonna be SD kits.

I’ve been thinking about whether to build the kit first and see how it’s like before painting, but if my 1/72 Ozma Super Messiah kit is any indication, it may be a beast of an effort to take apart. Conflicted now whether to work on this or the RG Destiny… I may have to consult a coin toss, haha.

Hurry up then!
There’s a sale on HLJ where you can get a few kits, mostly SD kits, for 50-65% off.

Speaking of which, I ordered this set of two SD kits earlier today.

No, this kit wasn’t on my list at all but I didn’t care. 2 nice-looking SD kits offered for 540 in a bundle was something I couldn’t possibly have turned down.

Speaking of lists :

Once I’m done with this list, I’ll do papercraft models.

I have that sd set, it’s really a nice one. Even has a cool cardboard backdrop for display behind them. Nice purchase!

I really like how they give you black clear parts for the Hyaku, and not the clear blue like they do on the original release. Nice touch.

Here is my latest pick up, went on lunch break to go get it

Oh man, nice purchase. The Hi Nu is an awesome kit. I wish they would make a Ver. Ka of it.

Supposedly, there isn’t much difference in terms of detail or proportions compared to the MG version too so that is indeed a good score.

The reviews I saw online really praised the kit, I was able to pick it up for $25 which I feel wasn’t bad. Im not sure I wanna paint it, but if I do, I wanna do it how Vegeta289 did that fading on the fin funnels and shield. Got more kits coming this Friday, so stay tuned!

What I want to do with the HG Hi-Nu (when I get one) is modify it like the Koji custom from Gunpla Builders and have it be able to use all six Fin Funnels.

Couldn’t you just buy this kit

That kit is a bit harder to find nowadays. The standard one is a lot easier to locate.

HLJ sometimes gets it in stock. Anyway, nice purchase! I’m really looking forward to you building and customizing this one!