Latest Kit Acquisitions!

Wow this thread has dropped.

Yesterday I got a RG Crossbone X1.

The Heavy Weapons Captain came a few days ago, you can see him on my WIP thread. o3o As I kinda figured, he’s an older SD kit so he’s not at the same base detail as the newer ones, but I plan to fix that in the future~

Just got my Secret Santa haul from r/Gunpla, and it’s truly amazing.


For once I actually have a backlog. And have been trying to make build day plans with some friends soon.


I can confirm that the Shining Gundam kit is good! That’s the first one I got~ Maybe I’ll hop into r/Gunpla one day. owo

I already started building it. :smiley:


I just bought two backordered gunpla from HLJ for slightly less than it would’ve cost to buy one of them from amazon. Now I just have to be patient and work on a project one that I’ve been trying to do but putting off.

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Let me know how that Epyon build is. I wanna see how it looks :slight_smile:

I’m currently awaiting the revived RX-78-2, the origin Zaku II, and the Age II Dark Hound.

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I had this show up today.


The 40th Rx78… I wonder why the shield looks ugly?

Epyon is a cool kit. Got a prebuilt from someone locally and it was pretty good. Cannot remember how the original 1/100 HG was liked as it had been stored away, but if correct, the MG’s transformation is a little bit more complex. Definitely have tight joints though. At times, it seemed like something might break as attempting to do some poses or transforming, but do translate into pretty well at holding in whatever state you want it to be.

Shield only? If you looked at the pictures from the release info at:

It had also been posted at the News thread by the way, the first picture looked cool, then following pictures were like “what happened?”…

I understand that it’s supposed to be a marvel of model engineering, but it’s super ugly looking.

O Gundam still wins over G40.

What the hell… The red eye white devil looking…:unamused:
That mouth plate looks like Gundoom.

Earthree still the best HG… Till now I didn’t choose any HG models because of Earthree Gundam.

I’m going to try the Veetwo unit.

But if you buy Veetwo or Marsfour unit, this two isn’t require full weapon and only beam saber set available, so it’s separated, and you must buy another weapon set to complete them.
10631819 10631820

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I did see that. Honestly I would like the Veetwo equipped with the Marsfour weapons. It would look great.