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Been a while since I posted. Love, new job, moving …

But I did finish this recently!

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It’s a nicely done diorama. I love the paint and weathering on the kits. Where did you get the building? Is it scratch buit or a kit?

My only criticism is that you see the wires power the leds. Have you thought about hide them behind the armor of the left leg?

Very awesome diorama, very well done.

It’s not a scratch built building. I bought on AliExpress but had to really search for a 1/100.

The wires are behind the armor. Actually, it’s I’m the head frame, down the spine, hits the waist, runs in a groove I cut through the upper thigh, behind the knee, then under the calf thruster - with enough slack to keep full range of motion. The only reason I didn’t run it through the ankle to the heel was if I wanted to remove the unit from the diorama and use it elsewhere, I wasn’t stuck redrilling new holes, wasn’t stuck in one pose, and could disconnect everything.

There’s 6 LEDd total, just the monoeye that runs through the kit, everything else runs under the diorama and up from the bottom of the building and though the molten chest of the Zaku.

The downside of the building is that unless you glue it, it collapses with just a little pressure, so I had to drill a hole in each floor, glue the building, then paint and weather it. After I got it settled in and on the plaster and painted with texture paint, airbrush around it. I had to run these lights UP the building because of the angle I had to work in.

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