Lain's WIP

Been a while since I’ve built a kit, so I picked up the RE/100 XM-07B Vigna-Ghina II as a “the box art looks nice and it’s cheap…enough” but man this kit is ugly as sin out of the box, plus a bunch of annoying eyesores I don’t even want to get started one.
Let’s see what some TLC does

so after a full day of drilling, cutting, sanding, rinse and repeat
I mutilated the inner ankle and cut away the plastic pipes and made some new ones out of a cheap necklace, Just need to paint the pieces first, I was thinking just be lazy and just use striaght Gun metal, Silver and Gold

beginning of the day ^

end of the day

If your planning on painting those parts gold to get the best results you should apply a gloss black base then paint the gold onto of the black base.

I was thinking about that since it really does look good , but I’m gonna save that amount of work for the Strike Freedom XD
I was kinda thinking maybe something like a dull fake gold that’s aged a bit but still at least gets cleaned every once in a while
probably will have to dry brush the new pipes with some soot and clear coat er

time for the first layer of red…tomorrow

so i made some progress over the last few weeks
including breaking the lens on my camera XD