Lady Anne Une Lovers Here? <3

Ever since coming back to Gundam Wing after so long of this year. And knowing I’ve seen of the model kits before at cons on display like Gundam Epyon aside being one of my faves, I also noticed that its been long overdue I’ve had my love of Lady Annie Une come back full circle again and its no surprised she’s being one of my fave babes in the Gundam-verse with her hard/soft sides to boot. But hey, I love her regardless and I feel for her being the only one left out of the romance circles even though she has been Treize’s aide here and there and has been on the unrequited feeling part from him as the series progressed.

However there’s no one like her and much love to Lady Anne Une :slight_smile: <3GundamWingLadyUne1

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She’s an interesting character. It’s been a while since I last watched Wing, but I recall being intrigued by her mental health struggle & her evolution.