Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your feels.

My wife linked me to a youtube video recently that I felt like sharing with you fine folks.
I don’t know about you guys, but it got me right in the feels.

I lost it, watching the father being shot down.

That’s so, touching, so touching.

The way he put that meat in front of him so that baby wouldn’t be eaten. sniff

That was very refreshing to watch. Very uplifting too, especially after a experiencing a lousy week in my own life.

man, i just watched this in my screenplay analysis class 2 days ago. your wife isnt one of my classmates is she?

Sorry, I couldn’t finish watching. I screamed when the lady (zombie) next to the guy came into focus. :eek: My worst fears are clowns and zombies.

Nah. She’s not in any kind of schooling.