Lacquer thinner resistance cutting mat

Eversince I start using Mr. Color Lacquer paint. I’ve been slowly destroying the markings on my X-Acto cutting map by spilling lacquer thinner onto it and dissolving the markings. Anyone else using lacquer paints and found a cutting mat where the markings can resist lacquer thinner?

Why are you painting over a cutting mat? Either way, cutting mats have basic print on it, and it comes off easily. I’ve lost markings from lacquers, glues, lighter fluid.

I use a 24x36 cutting mat as my work surface (so I won’t kill the dining room table which in turn will get me killed ;-P) and my spray booth opens unto the back 2/3 and I mix paint and clean airbrush on the front 1/3. I forgot to cover it with paper towels so I had some paint and thinner spills which proceed to dissolve the lines and markings (didn’t hurt the mat though). It’s working OK now as I make sure to cover the front part with paper towels but was just wonder if mat from other brand have markings that can resist the Lacquer paint and thinner.