Kyoukai Senki, new Sunrise Mecha series

The trailer just dropped.
And also the announcement for the High Grade model kits.

Can’t read what it’s about but the designs definitely appeal to me and I love that it’s still in 2d even when so man other mecha shows move to CGI. And we haven’t gotten a wholey new Sunrise mecha show in 6 years, it’s only been Gundam and Code Geass. So I’m definitely curious to see what this is gonna be.


Yeah I am skeptical. I dont like the mecha design, but they aren’t doing that 3fps cgi shit, and it looks like they are actually trying. Hopefully I am wrong about this show, maybe the enemy designs are cooler.

The neck makes the mecha looked weird…

For example, no matter how many looking at it, the scene from trailer looks off.

The animation is definitely for attempting to sell the toys. But hopefully the story and quality will be okay. Will be have to wait and see.