Kotobukiya HMM Gojulas

I’ve been on the fence about getting this kit, they’ve been showing prototype pictures of each part as they make it. I think i’m sold on it…

Courtesy of GundamPlanet FB page

A giant T-Rex?! Yeah, I think even I would get that thing. It looks freaking awesome!

Yea it’s one of the big iconic zoids. Just to give an idea of how big it is, here’s a pic of the prototypes head in hand.

Holy crap, it sizes up the Iron Kong. That’s one hell of a big kit.

I bet it will make a supreme centerpiece, although I’m certain it will take anyone a huge amount of time to complete.

Sigh, a Gojulas. One of the few Zoids I have wanted, but never gotten, either in HMM or Tomy form. Other Zoids I can’t seem to find at a fair price are the Gairyuki, the Energy Liger, and the F-ing Ultrasaurus. I would definitely tell you to get the Gojulas if you can find it at a good price

Well i don’t see how you could have gotten it even if you wanted it in HMM form lol it isn’t even out yet. I’m really hoping it doesn’t pass the 15000 yen mark. Anything more and i’ll really need to think about buying it.

I have never in my life built a Zoids kit. I know nothing about them. But that thing would win me over for the fact that I am a Dinosaur fanatic.

My bad. I had a brain fart. I forgot that it was the Godos that had a release awhile ago, not the Gojulas. That explains why I could never find it on eBay…


Absolute INSANITY!!!

I am seriously having a zoidgasm right now. This thing looks amazing!!!

Freaking Amazing! All of those clear parts ripe for led work! Ugh i can’t wait for this winter!

That thing’s a monster. I sure hope your get one Squee. If your Iron Kong looks this good now, I cant wait to see how a Gojulas with your magic touch will look like.

Wow. My dream would be to do this in Trypticon colors.

Me too Zeta, i’m calling the owner and telling him he better hold me one! lol

That was what i was thinking of doing Bossguy! That or Grimlock!

Preorders are up on HLJ right now, nice discount too. This is going to be a limited run kit, so if you’re on the fence, take that into consideration. BTW, those pics are of the unpainted kit i believe, so even if you don’t really paint, this thing looks gorgeous right out of the box.

Seriously!? How much is it going to cost? I’ve actually been saving up for an HD color Hyaku Shiki I found at my local Gunpla shop. Those kits are rare, and I don’t have Char suit.

Going to be at least $240US before shipping.

Yeah, I saw it on their website. Man, Grimlock or Trypticon colors would really pop with this guy. I would get him, but he’s way out of my skill and budget level. I can’t wait to see what you do with this one Squee.

Sorry, but that’s a little out of my price range. That MG HD color Hyaku Shiki I saw is a much better deal at $66.

^LOL maybe, but this thing is PG class detail, you really can’t compare it to an old MG frame like the Hyaku.