King-eL's W.I.P.

This is my first MG that I ever built. I’m new to gunpla especially painting and this is my first time. Already did some of the parts. I’ll be posting pics along the way. Sorry for bad iphone pics. I tried my best to paint.


Shield Inner Frame
Shield front

Shield back

For the 1st time that you have ever painted a kit, that simply looks fantastic man! Wufei looks great, in both standing and sitting forms. And the detail on the shield looks awesome! Amazing job man.

I agree with Walker, you’ve got a knack for this :smiley:

Ooh boy, that is spiffy.

Wow, that’s very nice for your first ever paint job. Handpainted all of it?

Thanks for all the nice comment. I did find some mistakes during taking pics when the flash was on which I sanded off and will be fix later. The back of the shield when I painted the gun metal, kinda missed up a bit. All this was hand painted btw.

You certainly have skills good sir. Right up there with Asterisk.

Hats off sir, hand painting is an art you are on your way. The detailing looks awesome, can’t wait to see more.

Thanks again everyone! Already did the back pack inner. The arms inner frames as well as the hands. Just letting it dried and pics will come up tomorrow. Still gotta go to work, so it’s a slow process.

wow that looks dope man!

Thanks! I’ll post some pics when I get home.

Here some more updates.

Back pack inner frame

Head inner frame

Arms inner frame



Half body

I definitely dig what you’re doing here. Just one thing, though; you need to thin your paint a little more. It’s going on kind of textured by the look of it, and you really want a nice, smooth finish.

I was actually going to say the same thing. However on the contrast, it really gives the frame a worn/weathered look to it.

You’re using Tamiya to paint this, right? If so, see if you can use a retarder with it as well. The stuff loves to dry quickly even if you use their thinner.

I like what you have going here. I agree with the things that everybody has already said.

Thanks guys for the tip. Yes I’m using Tamiya paint. I’m actually painting straight from the bottle without the thinner. I’ll try to thin out the paint. How thin should the paint be? I’ll also stop this project for a while and look for that retarder thinner.

I actually painted the dragon fang without the thinner and the hook joints got thicker to the point that it was hard to bend till the hook joint broke off. Really pisses me off. Should have thin out the paint first. I’m still new to this after all. First time now with a bad experience. However learned from it and will be avoiding it in the future project.

Yeah painting joints can be disastrous when the stress gets to much for it. Lacquer paint it great for joints and inner frames. But once you thin the paint a bit, you should be fine. As it’ll lay down in a lot thinner coats and cure thinner as well.

Start with a 1:1 ratio (paint:thinner) and see how you like it. From there, you can keep thinning until it meets your needs. For Tamiya, the thinner can also evaporate kinda fast so expect to add more thinner to your mix as you paint.

I applied the thinner and liking the result on the wider area as it prevent the brush srokes from marking. However I did not place any thinner on the tiny details as it’s hard to control and becomes runny. When I paint the armor I’ll use thinner more. Liking the result of it.