Katoki and his fanboys.


Too expensive. If it weren’t for the fact I love the Geno Saurer and the Berserk Fuhrer I’d have told the new HMM models to suck it too. And the only reason I got the GN Arms Type E is cause I greatly enjoy the Exia design and hope to own nearly all of the HG Exia (except the two special edition versions of the regular Exia as I already have the pearl and clear versions of the RII).

Which, for the record, I did complete. Just need to build up the regular RII and the Avalanche then take a super Exia photo shoot.

Prime92 has videos of the HG Dendrobium being built. I hate the damn thing and am a MG guy, and even I want to build one of them. Seriously look it up on youtube.

I’ve seen the HG Dendrobium in person and you what… it is totally worth the price. Nothing can compare to the sheer size of it.

Shame there isn’t a HG Neue Ziel to go with it…

If they made a Neue Ziel that scale id but the crap out of it.

Oh I’ve seen it, and yeah it’s fun and all but honestly not my thing looks cool and all but nothing about it makes me wanna buy it. If I somehow ended up with one I’d probably keep the GP03 Stamen (I think?) out more often than the full Dendrobium.

Am I the only one who thinks the Ex-S is a bit of a joke? It’s in the damn name. The thing is just overkill.

You are not alone. I absolutely hate the Ex-S Gundam. The S Gundam, that’s fine. The Ex-S is just too busy.

Personally I like the whole Unicorn line. Though Banshee Claw>Norn… Phenex is my favorite though. Gold, everywhere.

Anyways like I said in the other thread, I don’t care who designs what, if I like it, I like it, simple as that.

As for the Ex-S, I prefer the S as well, I can’t say I hate the Ex-S but I can’t say I really like it either.

Funny enough I have an HG S Gundam. Someone picked it up for me when I was 16, I snapped it together all crappily and didn’t even use the stickers. I think it’s in one of the boxes I keep models I just don’t like or were just built to be built. Pretty sure I could use it as a base for a kitbash. Guess that mean I’m not fond of the S or the Ex-S.

What gundam is… This ^?

http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/MSA-0011_S_Gundam The S Gundam or http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/MSA-0011(Ext)_Ex-S_Gundam The Ex-S Gundam?

I was talking about the one in your signature.

Oh, it’s the Devil Gundam Junior http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/JDG-010_Devil_Gundam_Junior

Damn thats cool. I wonder why it wasnt in the anime.

Dunno, but they should give G Gundam a two hour movie or 4 episode OVA with that guy as the main villain.

About katokis Designs. There are only Four Designs actually LIKE. That would be the Crossbone Designs, the V2, The Redesigned Deathscythe (more on this soon) and the Endless Waltz Version of D-Hell.

Now about Deathscythe Ver. Ka. Me I actually like this Suit. I may not like the Designer, but I actually like this suit. It looks cool and in some small way it looks practical. You can use the shins and feet as puncturing weapons, while Ka modified the beam blade on the buster shield to make it longer, therby making it an impromptu Beam saber. Now that is practicality.

Now as for the other suits, Sorry Katoki you disappointed me. All you did was make them a little flashier and to help explain your EW designs. Tisk Tisk Tisk.

You see Guys, when it comes to MS design Im lookin for three things:

Aesthetics: Its gotta Look Cool

Mechanics: Its gotta Feel Cool

Practicality: What the Hell is it doing here? What is the Purpose of this Machine? Why was it fielded? What role does it play? Can it be supported? Is it a MULTITASKER? ETC.

Some of his designs do well in answering (the Crossbone Designs and V2) most of these questions and criteria, others just barely (Deathscythe and D-Hell Ver KA), However the rest are just WTF?!

Im not necessarily defending Katoki, cause when it comes to the rest of his designs, hes just Fubaring them up lol. There ive said all I can say for now lol

I like many of his designs, EXCLUDING Deathscythe Hell ver ka.
That suit is weak and inconvenient as shit

Completely blanked on Crossbone before. Crossbone is awesome.

The Crossbone is the greatest mobile suit ever designed. Period.