Katoki and his fanboys.

He could design Ver. Ka dog crap models and his loyal fan base would happily screech that his dog crap was so much better and more realistic than actual dog crap and would buy it in droves. Discuss.

In all seriousness, it’s no secret that I don’t have much love for Katoki’s constant need to screw with other people’s designs and his fanboys’ attempts at justifying it, so rather than bitching about them in every Katoki related thread, I created this thread. Feel free to hate on or defend Katoki and/or his fanboys here.

For me, Katoki’s designs vary. Some like Wing Zero Custom, Heavyarms (both the new-ish MG and the Kai in Endless Waltz), the Sinanju, and the Crossbone Gundam are my all time favorites of his designs. The Nu Gundam ver. Ka, the Unicorn Gundam, and the GP03S are middle of the road average; nice but not impressive. Others like the Wing Gundam ver. Ka are my least favorite. I think the Wing Gundam ver. Ka is gaudy, and way too colorful than it needs to be; plus the wings are too big for the body.

For the record, I like most of his Unicorn designs, the Tallgeese (1 and 2, not 3 or his Ver. EW crap), Leo, Ares, Taurus, Pisces, the Victory, and V2. His redesigns can roast in hell (be they Wing or Ver. Ka). Most of the rest of his stuff falls somewhere in between, usually closer to the crappy side.

You don’t like the Tallgeese III? I like it. The Mega Beam Launcher and the new shield with the Heat Whip in my opinion further enhance it’s combat capabilies. What don’t you like about it?

It’s simply too much crap on a good design. Same issue I have with Strike Freedom, actually. That said, I don’t hate it like I hate some of his other (re)designs.

Eh, you’re entitled to your opinion I’m entitled to mine. Nobody is right or wrong.

Katoki can suck it!

Okay, that was uncalled for.

Based off what?

I hate Katoki, he can suck it. He needs to quit Ver. Ka-ing everything up. Until then he can suck it.

His redesigns… maybe. But some of his original work like the Unicorn, the Sinanju, the GP03S Stamen, and the Tallgeese line are awesome.

You and I don’t agree often, but this is one of those cases.

One final thing for the TIII, it’s just on the upper end of “meh” for me, while TI and TII are in the good category.

I think Exia is saying Katoki can suck it no matter how talented he is, as long as he continues bastardizing other people’s work. That’s sort of where I’m at, at least.

I for one like the Nu Gundam ver. Ka… as a model kit. Design-wise it’s okay. The inner frame that they created is model kit engineering masterpiece and in my opinion, the proportions are better than the old MG.

I hate nearly every Unicorn. The Phenix is the only one I like and occasionally the Banshee Norn. Tallgeese is a good looking suit but the fact that he originally designed it then still Ver. Ka-ed it up made it lose some of the luster.

When it comes right down to it, I really only like his Wing grunt designs. And even then, it’s not like I love all of them. I like the Leo and the Taurus as far as grunts go, as well as the Vayeate and Mercurious. Those are the four suits I’d buy if they released them as HGAC without being Ver. Ka-ed.

Yup, that’s it in a nutshell.

No love for Victory or V2, Exia?

Personally I think the Phenex is too flashy for its own good. It’s got more than the Akatsuki and that’s saying something.

Not really, not a huge UC fan as is. The only UC gundams I like are the NT-1, the Zeta, the Delta, the ZZ and as mentioned in my last post the Phenix and sometimes the Norn.

I’d probably be a fan of the GP01 but I prefer the AC homage they did in “The Last Outpost” Gundam Geminass so I don’t count it as liking it.

Yeah, but it has shield wings. And all things considered the gold is overkill, it should’ve been a gloss black suit with a gold psychoframe then the gold hue would illuminate the gloss back making it shine better IMO.

I agree with Zeta on the Phenix, a bit flashy for my tastes.

Which Delta, Exia? Gundam, Gundam Kai, or Plus?

Also GP01 is Shoji Kawamori’s work.

The normal Delta Gundam, but that’s more due to the fact in the Assault Files RP my character switched over to the Delta Gundam with the in game reasoning being that the anti beam coated frame was what made the Delta to fragile so my character just had it painted in his standard colors which fixed the problem.

Yeah, but I still prefer the Geminass. Looks cooler IMO. Like, it’s not a bad design I just wouldn’t shell out some money to buy one.

Tell me HG man, do you have any interest in Katoki’s monster of a HG, the Dendrobium? Or is it another UC/Katoki design you don’t like?