Kampfer Amazing Group Build: WiP

Since this thread was lost, I have remade it. So post those WiP updates here people!

End date was set for March 20th. There isn’t any need to worry about finishing up late. As a few of us will be doing so.

This is about as far as I’ve gotten.

Yeah, mine is in the mail.

I need to upload my (very few photos) to photobucket. Also need to update my Finished kit thread.

But, I did have a set back. Though not a large one. I was planning on turning the white stripes on the horn and spikes into Black Chrome. By putting down a layer of silver then putting on layers of Tamiya Smoke. However I was met with watery pooling and uneven coats. So, time to strip and repaint those parts when I paint the rest of the blue parts.

That really sucks. I’m still waiting delivery date is set for Tuesday. Just in time for me to buy paint the next day

Man, I didn’t even realize the original thread bit the dust. Anyways, still painting away on mine. Sorry to hear about those issues, thwalker13. Good thing you’re airbrushing, haha.

Here’s the pic of the Ninja Turtle head again:

Tonight, it’s trying to finish up dry-brushing any metallics.

First, glad to see everybody back. Haven’t gotten very far on mine, just snapped together right now, exploring paint and weapons.

Koto Grenade launcher and sniper rifle. The sniper rifle is a bit too large, but I kind of like the muscle of the grenade launcher. I did get this the other day. 5$…

MG Kampfer, built, but with all the accessories.

The build is not the best, but it is not hacked by any stretch.

Should be nice weather this weekend, so I hope to get at least a coat of primer on the KA and start working on a paint scheme

I will hopefully be hitting the house this weekend and can start on mine. And I can re-post all my W.I.Ps they seam to have gone by-by. DAMN HACKERS! why don’t they just leave us alone for a bit. :slight_smile:

Wasn’t a hacker time. Just an error with the servers.

Okiera: Looks like you have the same bazooka that I bought for me.

Happy to see the thread/forum back… and I just received mine. I’ll be working on it soon! :wink:

Parts have been soaked and are now dried. Due to my laziness, I’ll be posting pictures on HLTV…

Some time back, I’d commented having started a Kampfer similar to the Amazing? I had a pair of those bazookas painted and ready to go. Then they had brake fluid spilled on them, ruined them.

Nice grab on the master grade kampfer okiera! If it did not come with a instruction booklet and you want one too see how the pieces go together, I’ll gladly mail you mine. No charge at all. I have a bunch of stamps and envelopes. Interesting stamps,forever stamps from the g/fs dad’s business.

Got my Kampfer last week. I pre-ordered from Hobby Search. When I opened the box, lookie at what I found inside:

I was wondering what weapons to use, looks like I found one. Hope these images show up, it’s the first time I’ve posted images here.

Man, I’m jealous of people getting pre-order bonuses with theirs.

I know right! I am going to have to buy gatlings or a whole kit with gatlings for mine. Anyways might as well share my plans as my kit should be here Tuesday. I’m going to base my build off of the heavy arms pretty much. Lots of missiles and as many guns as I can fit on it. With a red/orange/yellow/white paint scheme with a blue stripe or two thrown in somewhere.

The heavy arms was pretty much my favorite gundam wing mech and just the sheer amount of weapons on the kampfer deeply remind me of it. Figured it would make for a good scheme on the amazing.

Oooooh, I like the sound of those plans. You think you’ll find a use for the mount holes on the forearms?

You’re not the only one jealous there Dlinker. You can count me into that boat.

Last night I finally finished de-nubbing all the parts. I’m going to finish detailing the frame and start on the thrusters. After that, it’s mostly just armor. Then onto the weapons.

Here are my 2 photos of progress thus far. Now that the forum is back up, I’ll be taking a few more.

I like the monoeye, thwalker, what did you make the eye out of?

Here are some part pics. I’m going to shoot some metalizer on the black parts, and as you can see the ones that are primed and preshaded are going to get some color on them. I think I’m going to go with a shade of purple on some and grey on some of the others. we’ll see what happens.

Your pre-shades are looking good, especially the forearms. I’m interested to see how the black parts will turn out. Painting straight from the runners is always a difficult challenge.

Agreed about painting from the runners. I tried to paint only things where the nubs marks wouldn’t be seen once assembled (as in the polycap joints), and in cases where they would I hopefully removed enough of the runner to address the nub and also give me room to get in there to paint. Hopefully I thought enough ahead to get me where I need to go. We’ll see…