Kampfer Amazing Group Build_Completed Works

In this thread you will find the completed entries of the Kampfer Amazing group build. Just a reminder, the tentative “deadline” is March 20th.

Post away fellas.

I think it’s a miracle I managed to finish mine before the official end date. Anyways, here it is, my Kampfer Amazing with the Lugnut-inspired paint job and minor weapon enhancements:

Here’s a pic minus the rifles that shows off the weathering a bit better:

Pic of the rifle with bayonet:

Here’s a close-up of the paint snafu that I tried to turn into minor battle damage:

The shooting pose:

And finally, a meeting with the inspiration:

Which ends well:

Sorry for the minimum posing. Kind of a pain to pose thanks to the semi-fragile paint job. I had fun doing this and I’m looking forward to the next group build.

Glooooorioous! All hail our leader, Dlinker!!! Everything came out fabulously. And boy, do I love a good Animated reference.

DLinker, that is phenomenal! Did you handbrush this? Regardless, it’s a beaut.

Congrats D, on being the first to finish! From the moment you said what your color scheme was going to be, I knew this was going to be promising. You’ve done the big Lug(nut) some justice! :smiley:

Man you did an amazing job on this. I cannot believe the whole kit is hand painted. The color scheme goes well with the design of the Kampfer and those cation strips work great! I love it man. Very well done.

Many things, guys, and a special mention to those who suggested the idea about the caution stripes :slight_smile: I can honestly say that I’m very happy with the kit and it has unseated my Evil Qan[T] as my “best work yet”. Even better that Lugnut now has a buddy next to him on the shelf that matches his colors.

Quite a coincidence that I started first and finished first, haha. I’m looking forward to everyone else’s entries now. You guys better not let me be the only person who completes theirs.

@Sazabee, yep, the colors and metallics on this bad boy are all handpainted. I airbrushed the primer, clear coat, and flat coat. Gave me a big confidence boost to my handpainting skills so now I’m not afraid of it anymore.

Love it D, hand painted and lugnut colors i vote you get gundpla builder of the day award.

^ Haha, thanks, man. Not sure about the award though :smiley:

Good job man. That ka is looking really sweet. This is inspiring me to play around more with hand painting. I like the zeon decals on the legs. Thats a nice touch.

Thanks, ace. Handpainting it was surprisingly fun, despite taking a loooong time to do. Even the drybrushing for the metallics took a while due to some areas on the parts refusing to let the paint stick. I had to drybrush a little bit, wait 15 min, then apply again, several times. I still don’t know what caused that to happen. Glad you like the decals too. I know it’s a BF kit, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give it a touch of Zeon, haha.

Great job! Paint is fantastic and you did a great job with the weathering. And also a great job with the bayonets!

Thanks, badlanguage! I wish I could have done the weathering a bit more realistically, but I kept drawing blanks in terms of a theme for said weathering. I couldn’t decide whether to do woodland weathering, or urban, desert, arctic, or humid/wet climates so I just went with a general look. Part of it was also to see if I could mimic a pre-shaded look with those weathering kits.

wow that looks super cool Dlinker!

I’ve resumed work on my Kampfer (finally). This will also double as a quick review for those curious about the Battle Arms booster pack. Although the kit gives you stickers to make this booster Feddie or Zeon affiliated, most of the included weapons and boosters lend itself more to Federation, while some don’t seem to mesh with either. But that’s not the important part. The important part is copious amount of manipulator arm extensions this has, allowing for some great add-ons. How does it fit on the Kampfer? I’m happy to report, it went EXACTLY LIKE I HOPED IT WOULD XD

One of my friends is giving me the weapons pack trigger handle from his kit so that I can have two to do this up proper:

Well, here it is. My completed HGBF Kampfer Amazing.

I’ll try for a more actiony pose a bit later. Trying to move it with all those weapons attached, I imagine this is how owners of the Full Armor Unicorn feel.

Very good job. He looks like a beast with all those weapons attached. I love the way those long rifles look with the bazookas.

Thanks BossGuy. I really wish I had an extra action base laying around. I think it could really benefit from one.

Man, that thing is bristling with weapons. A welcome contender to the Heavy Arms, Seravee, and the original Kampfer combined. The red highlights give the whole kit such an intimidating factor. Post it up on the finished works thread so I can comment some more, haha.