Just got my USAGundam Entry Grade kit, and here's what I think

In conjunction with Bandai’s newest Gundam series, Gundam Breaker Battlogue, Bandai has released an “Entry Grade” RX-78-2 (US) Gundam (American Type) in 1/144th scale.
We all know about Perfect Grade, Master Grade and other “Hi Grade” kits, but what makes this different is that it is a kit aimed at novices or first time builders, and it is being sold exclusively at Target stores (it even has a Target logo on the box). I went to the Target store nearest me to see if I could actually find one and they were sold out, but the cute little salesgirl who waited on me was able to order me one, have it sent straight to my house and I didn’t even have to pay postage on it! :slight_smile: The price: A whopping $10.90!
I am BLOWN AWAY by the fact that I can now go to a major American brand-name superstore near me (like Target) and get a Gundam model kit for less than eleven dollars! And I can do it WITHOUT getting funny looks from people who don’t have a glue what i’m talking about!
Anyway, the kit itself is just a re-issue of the standard Bandai kit that’s been around forever, only made “simpler” by reducing the number of parts necessary to build it (one or two parts as opposed to a dozen), and can be put together by a total newbie in about 20 minutes. The instruction sheet is a single page foldout in black and white on one side and full color on the other, and there is a grand total of 5 “stickers” to put on it, two of which, the RX 78 logo on the right shoulder, are two different optional versions of the same marking (a cute touch).
Overall, I am very pleased with this kit, but I am especially happy to see it in American stores for such an incredibly low price. A recommended buy.*
James Staley

*I esp. wanted to buy this to support an American company in this time of economic hardship, and to demonstrate to Target and Bandai that there is a market for kits such as these.

Target actually carry HG kits, such as HGCE Wing Zero and HGUC RX-78-2. They also carry RG Exia and couple others. They even carry MG Barbatos at one time.

But yeah, if you cannot find the Entry Grade RX-78-2 American Type, you can currently order it from their website, but Target website sometimes have tough time finding stuff due to 3rd party sellers’ items will come up as well.

I was lucky that the (cute) salesgirl was able to scan the barcode in the store and order it directly from her handheld order device. I very specifically wanted to get it at or from Target as a means of showing them my support (“putting my money where my mouth was”) because I want them to get more things like this in the future. And yes, they did have all of the other kits you mentioned, which I have seen (and purchased) at Hobby Lobby and might be going back some time in the future to pick some of them up. JS