Just curious...

Anyone know what’s the gundam that is in the logo of this forum? thanks.

Huh i always thought it was the RX-78-2. But now that i take a closer look i see thats not it. I dont know.

Gundam Alex maybe?

It’s probably something the head moderator drew up because he wants to keep us guessing.

Really, people, really?

I’ve actually wondered this myself and never actually asked. But it does look a lot like the V.

The only person who truly knows is Corin (The member who won the contest and had his pic posted up), but hes been MIA since 2012 lol

I think its the head of an Astray frame. Looks meatier than any of the UC gundams. I think one of the SEED, or Destiny gundam heads.

I think deathscythe is right. Im pretty sure that line going down the center of the face is unique to the victory.

It’s Victory. Really, how could you guys not recognize it?

Just something we take for granted, I think. I’ve actually never wondered about it until I read this thread, haha.