Just completed Gundam the Origin

Saturday September 4th, 2021. I and my friend Robert Simmons did a Gundam The Origin marathon where we blitz out on The Origin series. We had seen episodes 1, 2 and 3 the previous weekend, on Aug. 28th, so we watched all of the remaining ten episodes this past weekend. So what are my thoughts?
This is everything a great Gundam series should be (and everything a great anime series should be): beautiful animation, wonderful soundtrack, and of course THE STORY. The Origin answers the main question everyone wants to know: how did Casval Deikun become Char Aznable and eventually the Red Comet, and why does he where a mask. The Origin answers all of the question fans of the original Mobile Suit series have wanted to know all of these years, and does so in a logical, wonderful style.
James Staley