Just Anime

I would like people to post reviews and thoughts on anime titles that they just completed. It doesn’t matter how old the anime is as long as you completed watching it recently.

Just finished watching pokemon origin. Great show. Although quite rushed due to the 4 ep time frame it was made nicely and I liked how they incorporated the Kalos region into it too.

Watched Majestic Prince recently and honestly it’s actually pretty good, nothing to write home about but it’s a nice little reprieve in between other anime I have been watching.

I didn’t even know Pokemon Origin was out already. Where can I watch it?


I’m not sure if this is an anime, but finished Tron Uprising. And I have to say that it was very good for an american made anime. It’s story was simple and I like it. It’s on Netflix along with other anime.

Golden Boy is funny but VERY perverted