Just a rumor

I was browsing a bunch of sites earlier today and I stumbled across a little article saying that After War Gundam X would be getting an American DVD release next summer. I can’t find the article again, however, if this is the truth, I’m excited. I’ve really wanted to watch After War X, and I like some of the designs for it.
On a side note, and to further be discussed in the model news, I also saw that there is a possibility that X Gundam will be getting master grade treatment. :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s for hoping!!

Turn A is getting an American release next summer. Perhaps they mixed up Gundam X with the Turn X. Bandai themselves have made no such announcement regarding X (unfortunately).

Sadness. I want to see After War Gundam X so badly. I’m not sure why, but I just think it’s gonna be a good series.

However, I will be purchasing Turn A’s release, after all… Turn A has a Kapool!!

I know the feeling. Ever since I first read about the Gundam shows (other than Wing) on the Gundam Project, X has had a “pull” on me, if you will; I can’t really describe why, but I’ve always felt drawn to the show and its premise, more so than my curiosity about the other unreleased Gundam shows (both then when we only had Wing, 0080, 0083, and MSG trilogy released here and now when we have much more). I’ve said it before, but I think had X replaced Wing on Toonami, instead of MSG, Gundam might have maintained more of Wing’s popularity in the West.

I do know that it’s a “What if” series, as in “What if Zeon had dropped a crap ton of colonies instead of one?”.

Which is a big part of the attraction: it took a mainstay of Gundam (colony drops) and went nuts with it, resulting in a post apocolyptic setting for the show (and I don’t really recall another Gundam series having that kind of setting; unless you want to count Turn A…)

Well Turn A wasn’t really so much an apocalypse setting, but… well I won’t say anything more.

I know. I was refferring to Moonlight Butterbly zapping everything before the show.