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I need a build thread. I have a gallery thread, but not a build thread. Thus, here it is.

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[Post #009 to Post #103] Epyon [Bandai Master Grade]
[Post [Epyon [Bandai Master Grade]"]#105]([Post #___ to Post #___) to Post #223] Wing Zero Custom [Bandai Master Grade]
[Post #248 to Post # 296] Real Grade 1/144 MS-06F Zaku II
Perfect Grade RX-178 Gundam Mk. II
[Post #297 to Post #368] Real Grade RX-178-Gundam-MKII-Titans-Colors
[Post #435 to Post #___] Master Grade Wing Zero Proto

Master Grade Wing Zero Proto- WIP 01

Future Prospective Kits

High Grade
Green Marasai

Real Grade
GP01 Full Burnern
Destiny Gundam
Aile Strike

Master Grade
Ball (Shark Mouth)
Gundam X
Tallgeese EW
RX-78-2 3.0

Perfect Grade
Zaku II
Strike Gundam

In The Bullpen (To Be Completed Next)
1/60 PG Gundam MK II
1/100 MG Sandrock
1/144 RG Gundam MK II (weathering and decals)

Priority List (Ordered by price per desire to yield maximum enjoyment and savings):

HyGogg HG
Zudah HG
Z’gok E HG
RGM-89De Jegan ECOAS Type HG
RMS-099 Rick Dias HG HG
Green Marasai Unicorn HG
Qubeley Mk II HG
AMS-129M Zee Zulu HG
Gouf Custom HG
AMS-129 Geara Zulu HG
God Gundam HG
Throne Zwei HG
GP01 Full Burnern RG
Aile Strike RG
Juaggu HG
RX-160S Byarlant Custom HG
Rozen Zulu HG
Ball (Shark Mouth) MG
The O HG
HG Zaku II and Big Gun (Thunderbolt) HG
#42 Gaplant HG
Gundam X MG
#73 Gaplant Hrairoo HG
Destiny Gundam RG
Jesta MG
Anksha HG
Tallgeese EW MG
Doven Wolf (Unicorn Ver.) HG
RX-78-2 3.0 MG
Buster Gundam MG
Acguy MG
Gelgog Jager #45 HG
Messala (Zeta Gundam) HG
Shenlong EW MG
Duel Gundam Assault Shroud MG
Gabthley #58 [ZZ Gundam] HG
Geara Doga MG
Gelgoog 2.0 MG
RX-93-2 Hi Nu MG
Sazabi ver. Ka MG
Aegis Gundam MG
Sinanju Stein Ver KA MG
Rezel-C (A &B Defenser Units) MG
Banshee (2012) MG
Nu Gundam Ver. Ka MG
The O MG
Zaku II PG
Strike Gundam PG
GP01 Full Burnern PG
Red Astray PG

Got my new 1/100 MG Epyon in today. I am expecting a Wing Zero Custom and Sandrock MG as well. I still need to finish the GM Custom, then we can really get to work adding primer and painting the Epyon. Like all my wing kits- anime colors (or close to it), little to no weathering, and no decals. I’ve snapped out the majority of the inner frame and assembled it. Those plates include G1, G2 and H1. I have yet to work on the frame to the backpack unit. I really wasn’t a fan of the shoulder armor- it snaps apart way too easily, but this can be rectified by sanding the edges and mating them with glue just on that edge, so that the shoulders can still pivot for any kind of transformation (?). ETC= estimate to completion.

ETC: February 8th, 2013

New ETC: February 1, 2013

Love the Epyon. Can’t wait to see yours.

As someone who’s built this kit before, I’m also interested to see how yours will look. Hopefully you won’t get frustrated with how the front skirts are, because they bug the hell out of me.

Oh yes- the front skirts are annoying. I can forgive them if they stay in place and look good. I am going to try some new preshading techniques with this kit to see how it comes out.

Yeah, they keep popping out on mine and it’s due to how they have very little space to move upwards, which is a result of the skirts being too near to the torso. Limits how much posing you can do, which is disappointing given how this just screams to be posed dynamically. I was thinking of gluing them on, but I’d rather have them pop out from time to time than suddenly breaking because I forgot they’re glued in and the skirts get pushed up too much.

Let us know which pre-shading method you use. I’m thinking of trying the light primer/darker primer method and it would be nice to have a comparison with a different method.

With my master grade Wing Gundam, I laid down a basic layer of white primer then concentrated the second coat near the center of each part face… It really helped to bring out the panel lines. I agree on the front skirts. They are on my kit firmly, and I’ll just leave them there and not mess with them. This is my kit’s inspiration. I am going to duplicate the black/purple combo vegeta8259 used, sans decals on the kit. That’s just my preference. I may try the orange primer though for yellow parts. His Epyon is BOSS.

I want to complete this kit in a quicker fashion, but it is beyond me to not be careful with paint jobs. I am probably going to slug a couple of hours a day into this guy, and you’ll be able to watch the ETC drop very quickly. Since this isn’t a modification/custom job, all I need to do is a straight build and paint, but the amount of parts for a master grade and the detailing involved makes it a long process. Wing Gundam took about 40 days, and Heavyarms a lot less.

I love my airbrushed kits. I’ll never go back to spray cans. When the kit is complete, I estimate the value, if I were to sell it on commission, to be about $345. Some might pay that, some might not- that’s assuming labor costs at $5.89 an hour. I’d never sell this bad boy though. Ain’t happening :stuck_out_tongue: If a friend wants one they will buy a new kit. lol.


Any pictures?

ahem. It’ll “never work?” still standing…

New ETC: January 24, 2013

Your work area is looking really great man. And you’re making some good progress on the Epyon. You planning to do anything special with the inner frame?

I didn’t intend to unfortunately. There is some stuff that could be done though. In the future, if I find a MG Wing kit for real cheap I’ll do a build where it’s half armor half frame, all detailed and buttoned up. heavyarms EW is cheap enough nowadays to go and do that. I picked up paint today and paid $23. I expected to pay $30, and in addition got a $5 off coupon. I could not find the purple I wanted to use for highlighting, so the navy blue will be painted flat black with a hint of the same red color.

Red= insignia red (adjusted to be darkened if necessary, it’s very close)
Navy Blue= flat black (hint of insignia red for highlighting, unknown ratio)
Deathscythe Purplish Gray= neutral gray
Frame= Neutral Gray
Yellow= Insignia Yellow, Orange Primer
White = flat white

Just from those chosen colors I can already tell that this is going to look really good.

As I gain experience with new techniques I gain the audacity to try newer ones. I’m ready to try a little highlighting to see where it takes me. I’m afraid I would be tempted to go back and paint my old kits :p. If this works out really well, I’ll paint my Wing Zero Custom and Sandrock Custom this way (Im taking a Sandrock kit and swapping colors). I am very happy Hobbytown USA lowered their paint prices from $3.99 to $3.69.

This beam sword… this thing has to be almost as tall as MG Heavyarms! I have the little Mileardo figure standing next to Heavyarms and it registers in the brain how huge these things really are (the human body is an excellent start for measuring the scale of things).

I would guestimate the ETC as January 24, 2013- but I know I will finish before then. I plan on doing some more work tomorrow. For some odd reason I am very thirsty right now… onto my second bottle of water. Oh, the lack of consequences! :stuck_out_tongue:

All parts to Epyon have been filed and sanded. Every part will need final inspection and wet sanding, then a rinse off, and mounting to pegs, then we can begin the primering process.

I also started a little bit of work on Wing Zero. I am going to clean my shop up today and begin wet sanding all of Epyon’s parts. The age of the Wing Zero kit definitely shows. I was disappointed when I found out the kit doesn’t have a full inner frame. I am going to need to fill some seams, but this is only a big deal for someone who isn’t a model builder. I wanted to do a detailing of the inner frame, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be with this kit.

I would be tempted to build a 2.0.

I’ve been sick the past couple of days. Here is amusing proof :stuck_out_tongue: You guys got me. This frame is way too nice not to do some detailing. I want to finish sanding the frame and get some paint slapped on it, then I’ll go to work detailing pins, bolts, nuts, etc.

1/7/2013 Update

I have had an upper respiratory tract infection, acute bronchitis and laryngitis for 6 days. My brain is currently sizzling at 103.2 degrees farenheight. I am going to shower and drink some liquids. Oh. model building. I worked a bit on the inner frame of Epyon and its good to go for a final washing (wash off debris), dry, then paint. i will be detailing the entire inner frame.

  1. Washing and drying the parts. It is necessary to get debris off before painting.
  2. I was concerned I would have to move my paints upstairs due to the cold temperatures. Well, the heater blows out excess heat into the shop, and I found that the paints were slightly lower than room temperature.
  3. I keep track of time to see how long it takes me to build a kit.
  4. The navy blue parts getting a block sand. Next I will smooth out the shaping with 600 grit sandpaper, wash the parts and get them ready for primer.
  5. Parts laid out to dry. I want to speed up the process with a blow dryer. Be VERY careful when you do this, and keep your distance.

mmmmm I am having some airbrush problems again. The parts I painted look fine, but I didn’t get the entire frame done.

A problem I was having was too much tip dry. Kept having to clean the brush, etc etc. After getting rid of tip dry, all of a sudden the paint begins to spatter. Then, it begins leaking out the top of the feed bottle. ***k. In addition, when I run water through the brush, it will not exit the brush properly. Turning the nozzle head ever so slightly loose will allow stuff to move out of the nozzle. Even then, water bubbles up between the threads and the airbrush body.

I don’t know whats going on, and I am very tempted to just send it to badger and ask how much to repair it. Might as well get a new feed bottle too. Since this could take up to two weeks, expect a 14 day delay, or longer. That’s what life is all about- delays.


I stand corrected. I hate the state of Illinois so much, but I am in love with it right now. Their repair facility is in Illinois.

does a little dance

Sheesh. If every company was like badger, it would be capitalistic utopia.

lololololololololololol. They are 53 minutes from my home. Oh the airbrush gods smile upon Jfl0.

zomg, the airbrush is back and like new.

Alright, got the primer and base coat done for the inner frame. Normally I spray the joints that will show through- but this is Epyon man. It needs inner frame detail and photo-shoot.