Jayhat's Finished Kits

So i figured i would just put my finished kits in one thread. So my first kit will be MG MKII Titans Colors.


Nice one Jayhat! I plan to get the MKII too as well but in AEUG colors. And also RX-Grandaddy and Stamen. I look forward to see more of your work.

Man that Mk.II looks amazing. You did an awesome job on it.

Thank you guys very much. I hope my GN-X comes out as good.

Looks amazing.

Well he is done and on the shelf were he belongs, It was a really nice build and he is bigger than i thought. I’m really happy with the way he came out.

Wolf Whistles


Nice work friend.

The textured surface looks especially nice on that big rifle, and the colors are a pleasing match. Shading is so subtle too, like a puff of air. Looks like weathering on the legs.

Wow man. I love the color choices on it. The red looks amazing. And that rifle looks great!

I fancy the colors you’Ve applied on the kit. They make it look really nice.

A job well done, Jayhat.
A job satisfactorily done.
Btw, what scale is this ?

Thank you kind sir, It is in the Master Grade scale.

Bravo. You did a fine job with that GN-X friend. The color scheme are well chosen and applied. I particularly like the details you applied to the beam rifle. It accentuate the overall appearance of the kit.

good color scheme. very nice paint job, especially on the rifle.

Thank you guys it means a lot. @ voltes looking forward to your next build.


Wow wow wow. I love every bit of that kit. The red and shading plus the green areas just all to great together. Top notch work man.

Even with that lighting, it looks beautiful. Shading is done incredibly well and the colors are a fine match.

Is it just me or does it give off some Kyrios vibes? At least with that lighting, the colors remind me of the Kyrios.

Stunning work! Great colors and top notch shading. Congrats!

Thanks guys I really need to work on my picture taking.