Jayhat100 WIP Thread

I did not want to clogg everything up by posting a bunch of wip threads so this is were all my new projects will be. Up next will be Mg Heavyarms EW. I’ve been trying to figure out if i want to preshade and highlight. On one hand i like the clean look on the other a kit having depth looks good too. Oh well i’m sure i will figure it out either way. I do know the orange, yellow and red are going away.

Yes the joys of sorting and color coating. Finally getting started. School is done and work is not as demanding, a few weeks he should be done.

Okay Heavyarms is all bagged up ready for painting. Should start this weekend.

It has been awhile since i have posted an update but the last couple of nights i was able to get some painting done mostly lay down some base coats and primer.

Got about half the inner frame painted today, also the eyes (it is my first time painting eyes) I figured a nice blue for the eyes.

Okay inner frame done, hopfuly tomarrow i can get to the armor pieces.

The inner frame and missile pods looks great. Keep up the good work man.

Okay i haven’t been able to post for awhile, but i have made some progress i figured i would share a peek at what i got so far. Still have alot of work to do before he is complete but most of the armor pieces are done waiting on some alclad i ordered for the weapons. Should hopefully be done in a week or so. Didn’t like the orange and red so much so i went with more of a movie look

Wow man. Just from those pics I already love that. Color scheme. I hope that paint you ordered gets there fast. I want to see that guy all put together.

Thank you, he is small but seems to be as much work as my Sinanju. The paint i ordered is for the weapons so heavyarms himself should be done Monday or Tuesday. I’m doing the backpack and the rest of the legs today. I finished the head last nite.

Very cool!

Okay here is what i got done today.

I finial finished heavyarms himself the only thing left are the weapons. Hope you enjoy the pictures.


(picks jaw up off the floor)

Holy crap! That is absolutely one of the best Heavyarms that I have ever seen. I love every bit of it. Every millimeter of it.

Thank you, its means alot im pleased with how he came out, just wish i could have pulled off the pre-shading but i like the clean look also.


This looks awesome! I always quite liked the orange and red scheme but this looks even better. Nice work.

Well i’ve been slackin on getting the weapons done but finally got the tank and the clip done. Just the gun and knife to go.

Well Mg Heavyarms is 100% hope you enjoy the pics. Now it’s on to Mg The O.