I've got a couple questions about Gundam Breaker.

Hey guys! I was looking for a new vita game when I stumbled upon this one. I have no idea, however, if I am able to play it or not due to the fact that I live in the US, and the game has only been released in JP. Would my Vita (US) accept a JP game card, or do I have to wait until a US version is released? If I can play it, how long is the game? I love long games with loads of replay value, and I know Gundam games usually fill this quota. Thanks for your help, and happy… killing?

Welcome to the boards! It will be able to play it no problem whatsoever, but keep in mind that the dialog and text is in Japanese.

The physical version should work just fine with your US system and account. The digital version won’t work with an American PSN account (Vitas are locked to PSN one account at a time). As for the game itself, it has a ridiculous amount of replay value. Menus are in Japanese for the most part, but it’s easy enough to memorize. Pay special attention to load and save buttons. You will suffer if you mix them up. :wink: