I've got a burnin' love (hg gp01)

The High Grade GP01 is a 22 year old kit, and all I have to say is… THIS is from 2000?

THIS is from 2000?

THIS IS FROM 2000?!?!

I mean, holy shit! This has no business being this good! It takes the best aspects of the Master Grade GP01/GP01FB (namely the painting potential), comes with what THAT came with, and then adds even better articulation, an extra accessory in the SMG, and is practically THE way to add the GP01 from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory into your collection. Were it not for the fact that there’s no ab-crunch and you have to paint the beam sabre, you could almost think this came from the mid-2000s, not the early 2000s!

As you can see, I myself added needed colour through injection-panel line Gundam Markers and Citadel model paint, and as you can see, I mostly did a good job but ballsed up the chest V insignia. Oh, well. Still looks pretty good!

Oh, I almost forgot: The “01” marking is actually carved inside the plastic. You just need injection marker or scribe marker. How cool is that?