It's time to celebrate!

According to this article from ANN, the infamous Stu Synder will be stepping down as head of CN. Those of you who know who he is, I hope you’re as happy as I am.

Afraid that I don’t know. I take it he’s a horrible CEO?

Don’t know his name, but judgeing by the reaction he’s the reason Cartoon network went from kicking ass in the 90’s-Early 2000’s to sucking ass arround say…'05?

Stu Synder is basically responsible for a lot changes that were made to CN since 2007. Some those were highly controversial which include: the cancellation of Toonami in 2008, the “retooling” of the DC Nation block (i.e. canceling Green Lantern the Animated series and Young Justice), and the implementation of Live-action programing… on a network based around animated works (anime or western). A lot of his decision making has been… questionable to say the least.

I cant say ive ever heard of him either. But i know a good thing when i see it. Ill get the champaign. Lol

I googled it and found out their head of sales and distribution is going to take his place. The guys name is David Levy. Wouldn’t that be a bad thing? Because all he is going to see is money and numbers. I admit i dont know crap about company politics. But it seems to me a guy who was in charge of sales taking over would be a bad thing. Like we traded one D-bag for another.

Not necessarily. TV exec’s tend to apply their personal likes/dislikes to the programing the network puts out. As Synder preferred live-action programing over animated, CN’s overall business plan changed and the network started to rot and decay.

Yea i guess so. Man i miss old toonami. I even miss the commercials. “GUNDAMS ARE ON EARTH ALL NEW GUNDAM ACTIONFIGURE MODEL KITS” and the one where there all like "ENEMY ATTACK ENEMY ATTACK ITS A GGGUUUNNNDAAMMMM AAAAHHHHHH "then they all get blown up lol good times.