Is this airbrush good?

I recently ordered an iwata hp-c plus model, that my friend recommend me. However I need more comment about it? Do any one had any problem and feedback for it?

You should be very happy with it. High quality airbrush. I just thought it was a bit overpriced given you can get an equally good one from other brand name ones for less.

Thanks. I was thinking I should invest on it, since I heard it will be a good investment, as I’m trying to improve myself on more gunpla building skills :slight_smile: and it’s also within my budget for getting one

An airbrush is a GREAT investment and you certainly picked one of the best brands out there. And just like what Wizz33 said, it is high quality. You can really tell that it’s top quality once you hold it in your hand and admire it. I bought my very first airbrush not so long ago… just this past couple of months if I recall correctly. And just like you, I picked an Iwata. I decided to go with the HP-CS model. It seems that fortune was on my side that time that I bought it, for I only paid 50% brand new on eBay. I can tell you right now, despite the trial and error of learning how to airbrush, I’m having so much fun. Hopefully you’ll have fun too once you get yours.

Oh and welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay!

I was worry that is bad, since I saw some other site saying that is not suitable for modelling