Is there a difference bet. these 2 kits

I was browsing this site and looking through the MG kits when I noticed these 2 kits. I knew the original Full Burnern came out in like 97/98. But I wasn’t aware if they made a Ver. 1.5 or 2 ?

First MG kit

Second MG kit

There isn’t a 1.5 or a 2.0

Likely they meant
as I don’t see it listed on the site

but i’d check with them before buying

I would agree with MR_JQ. I’d say they meant for the 2nd kit to be ground type GP-01 rather than the FB.

I agree as well JQ And TH. As far as I know there are only 2 versions of the Full Burnern, the standard and the metallic. Both are 1.0, I think someone ment to post it it as the GP01 (ground type). I’d email them and ask if I was you.

Sorry everyone, have to disagree with you all there.

Most likely, they both are the same MG 1/100 GP-01Fb Full Burnern. Whether they have both in stock will be the question. But most likely, one of them was the newer reissue with blue logo. What probably happened was Bandai reissued the kit with blue logo and have new SKU/UPC for it. At this time, it is only speculations because have not seen the reissued kit box personally and currently have no access to the old kit box to verify this information…

Here are the reasons why both were the same kit, but different boxes:

Pictures were from couple of the auctions on Yahoo Japan. UPC 4902425597669 was the older red color logo box, possibly the original style, if they did not do any minor revisions in between. UPC 4573102635358 is apparently the one with blue logo, but not one with “Bandai Namco” new logo added on yet, at least not at the moment anyway.

Seems like you had the right idea.
This is the reply I received:

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