Is Tamiya brand the recommended model glue for thickening?

So recently, I finished building one of the Master Grade gunpla I backordered: The RX-78-2 Gundam 2.0. It’s a really great kit, but it uses the “articulated hands with holding pegs” gimmick like most mid 2000s - early 2010s MG kits. As such, whenever I get it to hold an accessory like a beam saber or the beam rifle, it’s easy to fall out.

Today, I decided to buy a proper plastic cement glue to help my Gundam 2.0 with holding its armaments: Tamiya Extra Thin. Is this brand (Tamiya) a good one?

I would say so, yes. It’s a less extreme solution vs the usual superglue. I’ve used it before and while it doesn’t provide a rock solid bond (that’s where superglue comes in), it has its uses.

Guess I made the right choice! Thanks for letting me know.

What are you trying to do?

I have used Tamiya Extra Thin Cement for years now. Love the stuff. You made a good choice.

Have you considered using something like what they used to stick the credit card, or any card, for mailing? That might be the same type of thing that 3M used for their Command adhesive strip that allow no mess and easy off sticking…

Personally do not wish to glue anything permanently if possible, just in case changed mind later on and want to do something different, but definitely up to you.