Is PG Skygrasper compatible with PG Perfect Strike?

I am planning to buy PG Perfect Strike and might as well buy PG Skygrasper but since PG Perfect Strike is a newer model compare to regular PG strike, I wanted to know if the joints for the pack are compatible considering that PG Skygrasper was supposed to compliment the old PG Strike. Thank you beforehand.

I’m pretty sure that overall, the Perfect Strike is the same as the original version. I know there was some new armor pieces to give it more exterior detail. (unless I’m mistaking for a different PG Strike) But everything else should be the same.

Should be compatible. The newer Aile Striker in either the PG Perfect Strike or the expansion pack which allows transforming the older PG Strike into the Perfect Strike seemed to be modified to allow attaching of the Launcher and Sword pack, as well as additional “batteries”. Otherwise should remained identical in the connection part to Strike, which would explain how the expansion pack will work for the older PG Strike. So in that case, PG Skygrasper should also work with the newer Aile Striker pack. If that was not the case, Bandai would most definitely release a new version of Skygrasper to get more from the people… :smirk:

In any case, you can see some of the reviews of PG Perfect Strike for yourself. Unlike the other review, Dalong played around with the new packs and Skygrasper and you can definitely recreate some of the scene from the anime where Skygrasper packing different packs.

In short, PG Perfect Strike basically included new Aile pack along with Launcher and Sword packs, couple of new hands, the whole package included a extra part for the stomach area, expansion pack may or may not include it, extra “batteries”, and a stand. Otherwise, Strike itself should remain relatively the same as the old one, possibly with some updated parts. You can look at the review done by one of the forum member @GAT-X105

Hi, to answer your question, Yes, all the weapon packs are compatible with the Skygrasper. In fact, there are Striker connection parts on top of both wings in addition to the one in the rear for Aile Striker. Bandai has foreseen the need of their customers to enjoy the Sword and Launcher packs back in 2005 but for some unknown reasons, these Strikers were not released until more than a decade later.

Budget wise, you may want to consider obtaining the weapon packs alone instead of the PG Perfect Strike if you have the Strike already and only want to enjoy a Sword / Launcher-loaded Skygrasper. Unfortunately, the product came as a PB limited item. There are some structural changes to the Aile Striker from Perfect Strike such that the Sword and Launcher can be mounted on it. Although I said earlier that you can install these weapons on PG Skygrasper, you cannot re-create Perfect Strike using the Aile Striker included in PG Skygrasper.

As for the Strike Gundam body itself, the Perfect Strike differs from the original by having silver parts for ornamental purposes on the chest and arms, as well as having a different antennae design. In addition, the black coloured parts (joints, weapons, etc) are coated with some kind of glittering powder.

Attached is the link to my post about PG Skygrasper. Hope that would help.

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