Is it true that the Master Grade AGE kits had backlash upon their first release?

So this year marks the triumphant new occasion when Bandai rolls out a select theme of Gunpla, both in High Grade and Master Grade: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, made for the namesake overly ambitious anime series. I bought myself the AGE-2 normal and this April, the AGE-1 Normal (regarded as better than it had any right to be) finally entered my HLJ private warehouse. I’m currently building the former and the latter is set to arrive Monday.
But I would like to ask something:

One of the Gunpla YouTubers I watch is a guy named Citrus. He’s pretty good, he recommended kits like the Master Grade Unicorn (which he said to take good care whilst building), and he made a video about Twilight Axis where he perfectly laid out WHY Bandai and BNVM/Sunrise can be just as greedy as western corporations as proved by Twilight Axis. However, when he reviewed the AGE-1 Normal Master Grade, he said that these kits faced quite the backlash back in the day due to more simplistic builds which a bunch of MG builders weren’t fans of back then. Of course, opinions changed, but he still felt the build of MG AGE was too simple (his preference for Master Grades is mid-2000s to Early-2010s minus AGE)

Is it true that the Master Grade AGE kits had this reception back in 2012 when they were first shown off?

This is the 1st I’ve heard of this. I personally have never built a MG AGE kit, but I’ve gifted the AGE-1 to my best friend and he loved it. I’ve seen numerous reviews of the kits and they don’t really seem any more complex than your typical lead unit. The AGE suits are just simple machine in the Anime. The AGE-2 transformed, but that’s been done to death. If any is complaining of them being simple, then they are used to MGs like the Unicorn or something has has a ton of useless gimmicks.